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Rhodes Old Town

If you're looking for a truly breathtaking medieval town in Europe, look no further than Rhodes. The walls of the old town are still standing, and the harbour is a beautiful sight. There are also plenty of attractions located within the walls, including the palace and harbour site Colossus. The minarets on the skyline are also a sight to behold. And if you're looking for something more unique, there's also the island day check – perfect for those who love exploring different parts of Europe!

Accommodations In Rhodes Old Town: Recommended Hotels

If you're looking for a luxurious and relaxing stay in town, the Evdokia Hotel is just minutes away from the port of Rhodes. With its intimate and stylish rooms, Evdokia offers guests a unique and comfortable experience. Plus, the hotel's restaurant offers delicious breakfast options that are perfect for any occasion. If you're looking for an opportunity to explore old Rhodes town, the Evdokia Hotel is definitely the perfect choice.

Accommodations In Rhodes Old Town Villas

Rhodes New Town

Elaborating on the everyday life in the seafront new town, one would find that there are a variety of shops and restaurants to choose from. Additionally, the waterfront provides a great place to relax and take in the views. In terms of accommodation, there are a variety of options available, including hotels and resorts. ..

Accommodations In Rhodes New Town: Recommended Hotels

Hotel Cosmopolitan Ibiscus Hotel Enjoys Beachside Location,Island Boutique Hotel Located Opposite Eli,Metres Rhodes Old Town Modern Island Boutique,Distance spacious stylish,boutique hotel goes extra mile,need going far provide smartphone,charge click information check latest prices ibiscus

The Cosmopolitan Ibiscus Hotel is located on the beautiful beachfront of Rhodes. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Rhodes itself. The hotel has a range of facilities and amenities that include a business center and an outdoor pool. The island boutique hotel opposite Eli offers guests a unique and stylish experience. It features comfortable rooms with en suite bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. There is also a restaurant on site that serves delicious food.


If you're looking for a luxurious and picturesque destination to spend your vacation in, then Lindos is definitely the place for you! With its stunning architecture and beautiful beaches, it's no wonder that the city is so crowded. However, if you're looking for a more relaxed and affordable option, the village foot of the Acropolis is a great place to stay. The streets are pedestrianised and there are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from. The main boulevard is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Lindos – whether you're looking for white sand or crystal clear waters, there's definitely something for everyone!

Lindos, Rhodes Lodging Options: Recommended Hotels

Aqua Grand Exclusive Deluxe Resort is located 1km away from Away Lindos Town Seafront. The hotel offers elegant rooms with a private balcony and a Jacuzzi. Adults Deluxe Hotel is also located 1km away from Athena Hotel which offers basic air conditioned rooms with a swimming pool for children and a private beach. ..


Faliraki is a major holiday resort on the east coast of Greece. It is a buzzing party town with an older thrill seeking crowd. The benefits of visiting Faliraki are that it has a great nightlife, great beaches and plenty of activities for the whole family. The popular 18-30 crowd love to visit the nightlife and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Paragliding is another popular activity in Faliraki, loved by those who enjoy banana rides! Happy 18s are long and sandy at Faliraki thanks to its beautiful water which keeps younger kids happy. ..

Accommodations In Faliraki, Rhodes: Recommended Hotels

Palladium leisure fitness hotel enjoying beachfront location,star rodos palladium,comfort style stunningly beautiful star,classes click information check latest pricesaquarius beach,walk heart lively faliraki,facilities gym kids,kept entertained kids

The Palladium leisure fitness hotel enjoys a beachfront location in the star Rodos area of Faliraki. The hotel has a comfortable style and stunningly beautiful star. The classes are click information check latest prices and include aquarius beach walk heart lively faliraki facilities gym kids kept entertained kids. ..

Rhodes Vacation Rentals In Faliraki


Lindos Faliraki is a pretty seaside resort located in Rhodes Town, Lindos Faliraki. It is conveniently located near the water park, aquarium and nightlife of Rhodes Town. The hotel offers a variety of amenities such as a hotel bar, inclusive tavernas and traditional wooden fishing boats. Lindos Faliraki also has modern values and great fun that make it an excellent place to stay while on holiday in Rhodes Town. ..

Accommodations In Kolymbia, Rhodes: Recommended Hotels

Lydia Maris Resort Spa is a luxurious modern resort that offers guests a relaxing break in the mediterranean sun. The hotel spa is ideal for couples, families and kids, with plenty of facilities to keep everyone happy. Guests can enjoy a swim in the pool or slides, relax in the sauna or steam room, or take advantage of the many treatments on offer. There's also evening entertainment for guests to enjoy. ..

Villas to stay in Kolymbia


Ialysos, a resort town located on the west coast of Rhodes, is known for its stunningly beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The town has a traditional feel with many old-fashioned shops and cafes lining the seafront.

The town also has a number of shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses, as well as some impressive views of the coastline.

Ialysos is home to a number of hotels including the Amused Hotel which offers stunning views over the bay. There are also a number of souvenir shops where visitors can purchase items such as jewellery, paintings and pottery.

Water sports centres are available in Ialysos should visitors wish to take advantage of them, while there are also several mineralogy and palaeontology museums located in the town which offer an insight into Greek history and culture. ..

Ialyssos, Rhodes Lodging Options: Recommended Hotels

Mare Beach Hotel is a family-friendly hotel located on the beach in Platanias. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a sauna and a garden with views of the sea. The hotel has bicycles for hire to explore the local area. ..

The Best Villas In Ialyssos


Looking Truly Greek Experience Place, Chaotic Greek Provincial Town Worth Stopping Apart, Tourism Barely Touched Old Traditions Enjoyed

If you're looking for a truly unique travel experience, you should definitely consider visiting the chaotic and picturesque Greek provincial town of Archangelos. This small town is steeped in history and is home to some of the most beautiful painted houses in all of Greece. If you're lucky enough to be there during the summertime, don't forget to enjoy the vibrant colors that are on display throughout the town.

Another great thing about Archangelos is that it's a great place to stop if you're touring around Greece. The town is located in a beautiful part of the country and there are plenty of things to see and do here. If you're interested in learning more about traditional Greek culture, then I highly recommend staying at one of the local hotels and taking a tour of one of the local churches. The belfry here is definitely worth a visit!

Overall, I think Archangelos is an amazing place to visit and I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something truly unique. ..

Hotels Recommended For Staying In Archangelos, Rhodes

If you are looking for a family-friendly beach resort in the area, the Karavos Hotel apartments in Kavos are perfect for you. With its own beach volleyball court and plenty of other recreational activities to enjoy, the resort is perfect for a relaxing break. Prices for the apartments range from €130 to €190 per night, making them a great value.

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