How to travel by ferry from Athens to Sifnos - Greece Travel Tips

1. Take The Ferry To Sifnos

If you are looking for a convenient way to reach the ferry port of Sifnos from Athens, the easiest way is to take the bus. The bus leaves from the Syntagma Square in central Athens and arrives at the Sifnos Ferry Terminal, located 76 miles away. The ticket price for this route starts at 38 euros and goes up to 69 euros per day. This route runs year-round.

From The Airport To The Port, In Private

Athens Airport Pireaus Port is approximately 43 km away from the port of Piraeus. Private transfer welcome pickups are available at the airport. English speaking drivers are available for flat fee equivalent taxis. The commuting viability option terms time is paid flight monitoring arrive time avoid delays. Eleftherios Venizelos known is a known name in the area and provides reliable services.

2. Fly to Milos and hop on a ferry to Sifnos

Frequent Ferry Connections Islands Including Santorini, Athens International Airport Island Catch Crossing Sifnos, Hopping Experience Milos Island, Reducing Travel Time, Flying Milos Athens International ..

How to get around Sifnos

Sifnos is a small island that needs transportation. Car rental agencies offer motorcycle rentals. Trip guides recommend checking out the best things to do on Sifnos before booking a car rental. Useful information about taxis operating in Sifnos can be found by calling the number provided. The beaches and villages of Sifnos are amazing, but it is still recommended to take some time to explore them. Scooters can be rented easily and quickly from places like ..

Faq About Your Trip From Athens To Sifnos

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