Greece Travel Ideas: 20 Books You Must Read Set in Greece

The Mandolin Of Captain Corelli (Louis De Bernières)

My Relatives And Various Animals

The Island (Victoria Hislop)

The Thread (Victoria Hislop)

Zorba (Nikos Kazantzakis)

The Marousi Colossus

The Magus (John Fowles)

Under The Olive Tree: The Girl

The Achilles Song

Circe (Madeline Miller)

The Penelopiad (Margaret Atwood)

The Santorini Summer Home

My Summer On A Greek Island

January'S Two Faces

You On My Map

Villa of Secrets (Patricia Wilson)

On Santorini For One Summer

Mani: Southern Peloponnese Journeys

Chasing Athens (Marissa Tejada)

Fugitive Pieces (Anne Michaels)

In the summer of 1917, a group of Germans and Italians were fighting in World War I. One of the Italians in the unit was Captain Corelli. He was a brave and skilled soldier, but he also had a deep care for his fellow soldiers.

One day, while Captain Corelli was fighting on the front line, he came across a group of Italian soldiers who were being forced to work in a German munitions plant. The Italians were very unhappy with their situation, and they were also very hungry.

Captain Corelli decided to help the Italian soldiers get food. He took some food for himself and gave some to the Italian soldiers who were working in the plant. He also made sure that the Italian soldiers knew that he cared about them.

The Germans and Italians fought together against the other side during World War I, but eventually they became enemies. After World War I ended, many Italians left Germany to live in Italy. Some of these Italians decided to stay and fight against the new government that had been formed after World War I.

Some people thought that Captain Corelli had done something wrong when he helped those Italian soldiers get food during World War I. But he didn't care about anyone else except his fellow soldier-he just wanted to help them get through their difficult situation.

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