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The Greek flag is currently white cross blue. The flag proportions are 1:2. The shade blue is generally royal. The flag has a golden tassel fringe and horizontal lines alternating. ..

The Meaning Behind The Greek Flag

The Greek Flag

The Greek flag is blue and white, with a sky cross in the center. The colors blue and white represent the sea and sky, respectively. The flag also symbolizes Greece's seafaring heritage, as well as its economy revolving around exploration. Finally, the flag's abstract values of white purity and blue waves represent the country's ideals. ..

Greek Flag'S Historical Background

The current Greek flag was first established on January 28th, 1827, during the Greek War of Independence. The flag consisted of a white cross on a blue field. The flag was changed to its current form in 1978, during the military dictatorship of General Ioannis Metaxas. The new flag consisted of a blue cross on a white field. The blue cross is said to represent the sky, while the white field represents the land. The red star above the cross is said to represent Greece's national identity and sovereignty. ..

Practices around the Greek Flag

The morning sun is shining brightly on the ancient city of Athens as the flag of Greece is flown high in the sky. The flag is considered a poetic symbol of national identity and has been flown at various points throughout the country's history.

The first flag of Greece was designed by Theodoros Zappas and flew from a balcony in the old parliament building on July 14, 1821. It was blue with white stripes running vertically along its length. The flag was later changed to its current design, which features a red-and-white striped field with a blue triangle in the center.

The flag is also flown at random balconies throughout the country, typically during national holidays or when there is an important event taking place. It has been said that flying the Greek flag "gives people something to look forward to each day."

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