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Tommen and his family go north to Winterfell by litter with their mother. The huge fortress overwhelms him and Myrcella upon their arrival. [7] As his uncle Tyrion comes, Tommen is enjoying breakfast with his mother, (biological) father, and sister. As his uncle moves him aside to join them, he laughs. Tyrion responds to his sister's question about whether Bran Stark would die, saying that he is anticipated to survive, much to Myrcella's happiness and Cersei's dismay. Tyrion then expresses his desire to visit the Wall and view the winter home of the White Walkers, which excite Myrcella and Tommen. He then claims he wants to urinate off the ledge, which makes both his niece and nephew giggle. Cersei is annoyed by his statements and walks away, beckoning the children to her. [8]

Game of Thrones didn't waste any time in explaining why Joffrey was destined to be a bad ruler. Cersei seemed to be the only one who really loves him, and she was clearly the one who reared him nearly entirely. And she told him his whole life that the entire world was his and that he could have everything he desired. It's hardly surprising that he thought that when he became king.

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The sixth season of Game of Thrones ended with a bang, cutting off a series of long-running characters in settings ranging from Kings Landing to the Riverlands.

While "Battle of the Bastards" featured a higher total number of onscreen fatalities owing to the massive number of military grunts slain, "The Winds of Winter" killed out significantly more identified characters.

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