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The Negative Consequences:The negative effects of cocaine use usually begin during the comedown. You feel tremendously wicked for the substance as you strive to collect spects from the table for one more line. As a result, unless you are wealthy, you will have an empty wallet. After a while, your nose will get so congested that you won't be able to breathe through it enough to get a line in. This will result in you snorting a lot of water in order to make room for more cocaine. You are filled with worry and shakiness, your body is stiff and hurts, and you are cracked out. It has all of the stimulant properties of cocaine but none of the pleasurable dopamine release.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug derived from a naturally occurring plant alkaloid taken from the coca plant's leaves.

1 Because of its stimulating benefits, mankind have farmed the coca plant for thousands of years in South America. 2However, it wasn't until the past century that humans started isolating the pure principal psychoactive component, cocaine hydrochloride, from raw plant extracts to create what we today call cocaine. In the early 1900s, this refined form of cocaine was used as an active element in a variety of tonics and elixirs.

Avoid institutions that advertise that one program works for everyone. A person attempting to overcome a cocaine addiction need therapy that is tailored to their specific requirements from a facility with expertise dealing with cocaine users. Other key features of a program to consider include:

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Mrly, a former cocaine user, recounted their battle with a variety of side effects, ranging from nasal congestion to the severe come downs they had after a night of cocaine-fueled partying.

Speaking out: A former cocaine addict has spoken out about the drug's horrible reality on Reddit, inspiring scores of other users to reveal the less-than-glamorous side effects.

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