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To be honest, I felt Warzone's washed-out appearance worked when it debuted in 2020 with the initial Verdansk version. When opposed to Fortnite's vivid bombardment, its absence of color stood glaring. The approach also worked effectively in Modern Warfare (the game that still acts as the structure for Warzone) since that game only ever attempted to portray concrete and polished metal, not a tropical island in the Pacific ocean. Warzone's graphic style didn't annoy me much until the release of Verdansk '84 earlier this year, which featured some deeper greens but still seemed like a planet that had lost all of its brightness.

The Goldflake Status problem happens in Warzone when the user enters a power-saving mode on the console or PC. Power rest modes are available on the PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The issue appears anytime a player attempts to re-enter the game after returning the system from rest mode. Related: The Best (& Most Effective) Loadouts in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Warzone Pacific is scheduled to be released on December 2. Vanguard gamers, on the other hand, will get 24 hours early access to the new Caldera map, giving the Vanguard community an advantage over casual Warzone players. All weaponry from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will continue in Warzone, giving players access to over 150 weapons. Additionally, MW and BOCW vehicle skins will be available in the Battle Royale and Rebirth Island modes.

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Warzone Pacific has a lot of potential. Caldera is a fantastic terrain, and the Vanguard-only playlists are an excellent opportunity to include three very diverse weapon sets from three different eras. There's a lot to enjoy about all of this new stuff - and I'm not just saying that after a year and a half of Verdansk, anything would look nice.

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