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The Zoomans and the Quartz guards eventually took control of the zoo and flew it to Earth to greet Steven. Steven and Amethyst went to the zoo to meet the Famethysts and Zoomans. Wy-Six then took Steven to the Rose Quartz Bubble Room, where it was discovered that all of the Rose Quartz gems had been unbubbled and were now living in the zoo. Gallery

Sugar has spoken on the need of LGBT presence and content, particularly in children's entertainment. Sugar remarked on Cameron Esposito's podcast QUEERY: "I want to advocate LGBTQIA material, all of it, in G-Rated, family entertainment. I want to do it forever". [6] She also discussed how Steven Universe has helped her come to grips with her bisexual and non-binary identity. She feels that early and good exposure to the LGBT community may assist queer identifying youngsters in avoiding feelings of guilt about their own identities. [27] [28] Other projects [edit]

If you like imagining the planet-exploding conflicts of imaginary gods who will never be, wielding useless information gleaned from a life of reading and gaming like a gladiator's sword in reddit conversations... then welcome home, my friend. You are exactly where you should be. Come participate in our conversations, submit your own fights, and kick some ass!

Welker, Frank (corrupted; "Gem Glow", stock sound effect)

Nancherla, Aparna (uncorrupted) Nephrite (particularly Nephrite Facet-413 Cabochon-12), commonly known as the Centipeetle Mother in her corrupted form, is a previously-corrupted Homeworld Gem that first appeared in "Gem Glow." She was the captain of a squadron that served Pink Diamond and a Hessonite commander prior to her corruption. She was dispatched to Earth aboard a spacecraft to populate Earth 5,750 years ago, and was subsequently stuck on Earth during the Rebellion. She used to live on her former ship after being reunited with her crewmates in "Monster Reunion" until "Legs From Here to Homeworld," when Nephrite was briefly uncorrupted by Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Steven, with no apparent memory of being corrupted thereafter. In "Change Your Mind," she was permanently uncorrupted with her memories intact. She is presently residing at Little Homeworld and attending Little Homeschool after being cured and restored.

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