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In Episode 4, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't Dead," Sarah discusses La Campanella with Gil. Sarah is a talented pianist who can perform the song; it's even on the record she borrows from Brian/Mountebanc. "The entire thing simply dies when you attempt to catch it," she confesses to Gil. It's as if something occurred, then it ended, and then... that's it..." It's not that she's playing over her talent level; it's just that she's not motivated to do it, particularly for a recording. She is only able to put on such a fantastic performance because of her burning hatred for Katrina and her determination to show Gil his dumb mistake. So, I believe Sarah lived across the hall from Frank, and this never came up in discussion between her and Kirsten throughout the 18 years they knew one other, or at least not in the two weeks we see in Y20. Perhaps this is apparent to most people, but it was a thought I had a few days ago.

Things are completely out of control at the hospital. As the parking outside fills up with individuals anxious to get in and be seen, several people are carried in with coughs. As we pan back over to Javeen, who makes it to Frank's flat, we get a taste of what is to come for these folks. While Javeen and Frank debate the illness, Kirsten looks out the window as the trolleys are wheeled in. They're cut off by an aircraft plunging out of the sky and crash-landing, bursting in a massive fire.

The jumping timeframes have no pattern, yet the noises of trains rattling over the tracks follow the leaps. Before images are intercut with views from Chicago's sunny future (those palm fronds are far too large to grow in the temperate forest biome). Kirsten's family brownstone, like the theater and the L station where Kirsten and Jeevan swap personal histories, will be returned to nature in the future. As the show concludes, there is a last leap without a title card to introduce it. As someone calls Kirsten to rehearsal, she is all grown up and reading Miranda's Station Eleven. Civilization as we know it may be extinct, but the Earth is as green as Eden, and humans have reverted to their most primal instincts: survival and the desire to create new things.

A post-apocalyptic story spanning various eras that tells the lives of survivors of a terrible pandemic as they try to rebuild and recreate the world while clinging to the bes... Read everything A post-apocalyptic story spanning many eras that tells the experiences of survivors of a terrible pandemic as they try to rebuild and recreate the world while hanging on to the best of what has been lost.

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Kirsten seems to have endured considerably more than everyone else, maybe because she was eight when the epidemic began. That can be terrible on its own, but it's a bit strange. Is she the only one who has abandonment problems after the epidemic, and who can't see that man is creepy? He is clearly creepy! Also, does she understand the double tap principle? Advertisement

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Kirsten's lost years, from the time she is separated from Jeevan until she meets Sarah from the Traveling Symphony, are unknown. One of the most interesting narrative arcs in the program is that of young Kirsten. Season 2 may follow young Kirsten into the woods and highlight her travels and experiences. Furthermore, after the conclusion of Season 1, the Travelling Symphony returns to the road, although with a slew of new members. Despite the several possible directions that future seasons may go, the series seems to be staying true to its source novel's austere tone, which leaves a lot to the imagination. The show's main goal is to expose us to a chaotic new, post-pandemic world, and it ends just as the germs of a new civilisation begin to emerge. However, the fate of the program ultimately relies on how well it is received by viewers and whether or not the creative forces desire to continue the story. Having said that, there have been no indications indicating that the show's world would be expanded. But there is always hope!

Things might always be worse, and they are at Station Eleven. A devastating flu epidemic tears over the world very instantly, destroying the majority of civilization. After twenty years, the survivors are eking out a preindustrial existence among the ruins. But would you trust me if I told you that things are also getting better? Or, if not better, considerably more optimistic than TV's previous apocalypses, from The Walking Dead to Y: The Last Man, would have you believe.

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Arthur is right in the middle of our storm. Kirsten was mentored by him, and his heart attack ties her to Jeevan. Kirsten is linked to Miranda and the wanderer through the book he gives her. We hear fragments of the book's conversation and get short glimpses of its pages, but we don't know what it's about. In the series debut, Dr. Eleven floats in space, but here he is on Earth, bringing Miranda peace at the conclusion. We are secure. Maybe that's what he handed Kirsten when they were alone on the road. My home, I discovered it again. Perhaps Arthur, whose whole body delighted when Miranda pledged to return, read the novel before going onstage that night. Perhaps he took Miranda's words with him and they brought him calm. You'll know when you've arrived at your destination.

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However, the series indicates that Miranda's workaholism is what drives Arthur away and into Elizabeth's arms, which I find boring and sexist. It deprives the moment of its fundamental tragedy: Miranda and Arthur grow apart not because anybody didn't show up or made a mistake in the relationship, but because they grew apart. I also believe that putting the Station Eleven comic book as a barrier between them is a good idea. The fact that Arthur refers to the guy on the cover as "the man who wrecked my life" reduces the poetry of the comic book. Miranda's rage about someone being in her studio is reasonable to many artists; her reaction of burning down the facility is not. Advertisement

A plethora of programs has flooded television, relying too much on drab, muddy imagery and computerized color grading that lowers too much of the picture to dishwater mush. Even if Station Eleven fails on every other level, it's worth seeing to see how it defies the norm. The post-apocalyptic areas are vibrantly colored, with green dominating the palette. The mid-apocalyptic scenes are harsh white due to the snow around, with softer tones for Jeevan, Kirsten, and Frank's residence. And the scenes set in the past are more warmer, as diverse individuals recall their best memories. Color helps viewers to easily recognize where they are in the show's history, which may otherwise appear unnecessarily convoluted. The series never achieves anything as visually stunning as those opening vistas, but there were numerous instances every episode when I was extremely impressed by the show's commitment to communicate its tale via visuals, even while Somerville and his writers' prose is lyrical and seldom overblown. (I did mention it was unusual.) It may be overblown at times.)

Station Eleven Reddit Episode 4

Advertisement The folks who have formed a begrudging community at the airport were deposited there on the first day of the outbreak. They are perplexed and irritable, continually snapping at one another. People at the airport are naive, entitled, and anxious, in contrast to the theatrical troupe, which has the benefit of being 20 years in the future. They seem to be stupider and more flexible than the theatrical group, indicating the impact of a pandemic on the human mind. (HUH HUH.) This is Clark's episode, but it's also where we learn about the deadly prophet's beginnings. Tyler, who is roughly Kirsten's age during the start of the pandemic, also receives the Station Eleven comic book from his father, Arthur Leander. Another way Gael Garca Bernal was miscast is that the Arthur Clark, Elizabeth, and Tyler speak about and around bears no similarity to the kind, open guy we met before.

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Jeevan leaves the apartment for the first time in 79 days in Episode 7, Goodbye My Damaged Home, to investigate one of the flats on the opposite side of the building.

He enters the apartment, locates a radio transmitter on a piano, and then peers out the window to gather data for Frank. I believe the conventional interpretation of Jeevan staring out the window is that he is thinking of leaping; he even carefully extends his foot to the brink, as if he is about to step off. I believe it's also hinted that the original resident of the flat jumped in the days after the flu outbreak, which explains why the window is open. However, there is no real proof of a corpse on the ground or anything of the kind.

Station Eleven is situated in the midst of a horrific virus that has wiped off the majority of humanity. The first episodes expose us to a society caught off guard, with people dying quickly as pandemonium prevails. As the tale progresses in Episodes 4 and 5, we encounter crucial people at various times in time, revealing the diverse society that emerges from the disaster. The appearance of a weird new sect also provides a menacing aspect to the story, which has remained somewhat light-hearted despite the apocalyptic scenario. These episodes add some important parts to the tale, so let's take a closer look at Station Eleven episodes 4 and 5 to make sure we've covered everything. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

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