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Audiences know from The Last Jedi that Kylo Ren is an excellent pilot, and it would be thrilling to see him compete in space against the Colossus pilots. This is a possible option for the heroes to meet Kylo Ren and the First Order while surviving and maybe even winning the conflict. 7 The Colossus' New Home

When he and Tam reconcile in the series finale, he is open about his belief that Tam made a mistake by joining the First Order, but he also expresses his love and respect for her. He is happy to have her back on the Colossus, to be able to work with her again, and to be able to go ahead with her. 1 "It is important to forgive others. Nobody wins if you don't."

"When we first began at Galaxy Fest in Colorado Springs, we had all these banners that people would walk right by," she said. "They don't pay attention because they're so concentrated on where they're headed. So I began standing there and asking, 'Are you a Star Wars fan?' 'This is Colin, the man who developed the Death Star.' 'Oh, wow!' they'd exclaim. People have told us that he impacted their lives, and he had no idea." (The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap)

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To understand more about the Clone that inspired the Batch's official name, Clone Force 99, you should get to know their namesake, 99, and their new recruit, Echo. If you choose to accept it, your job is to watch these Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes for a deeper dig, and we suggest viewing them before The Bad Batch storyline in Season 7 for a complete chronological rewatch.

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Many members of the second trilogy's ensemble, including Finn actor John Boyega and Rey actress Daisy Ridley, have had to deal with trolls on social media. Tran was unfortunately the target of several harsh sentiments from fans who expressed their hatred for her roles in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, which led to her having a lower role in Episode IX. Thankfully, the studio behind her role will not let such sentiments go ignored. With or without social channels, Tran remains a fan of the series, which bestowed the most accolades on her professional resume in 2017 and 2019. Despite the fact that the film remains disliked to this day, her involvement in The Last Jedi was crucial. Even though such opinions tend to permeate on the internet, Lucasfilm and Disney remain steadfast in their support of its stars. While Rose's role with the series is still uncertain, she has received more than enough support from the team that launched her into the fandom limelight.

With all of the recent Star Wars fanfare, from "The Rise of Skywalker" concluding a nine-film epic to "The Mandalorian" (and, of course, Baby Yoda) sweeping the streaming world, it's understandable if you missed the season debut of another program set in that galaxy far, far away in October.

However, as the animated series "Star Wars: Resistance" concludes its two-season run this Sunday with an hour-long conclusion, the actor who portrays main character Kazuda ("Kaz") Xiono says viewers should not sleep on this program.

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Themes such as leaving your station for personal gain, characters being decapitated and killed off on a regular basis, and even the destinies of planets resting on their shoulders. Sometimes they were not Empire citizens, but rather global citizens. That's a lot going on for something that was originally aimed for children. 6 Rebels Outperformed: A Sense Of Adventure

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I used to like watching Clone Wars as a youngster. Rebels had some Clone Wars characters and wasn't as "kiddie" as I anticipated. I chose to watch Star Wars Resistance just for the mythology and to see if any of the characters piqued my attention. However, the first few episodes were fairly uninteresting. Resistance, like Rebels and Clone Wars, had a sluggish start; will it perk up later in the show? Is it worth it to go through the "childish" situations for some lore? I'm 19 years old, and I think it's a little "childish" for someone my age. Thanks. Thank you for your responses, everyone! I've never been a part of a community that was so attentive and helpful! Please feel free to share your thoughts!

The Resistance is in disarray by the conclusion of The Last Jedi. Weakened, exhausted, and primarily confined to a single ship. ADM Ahab does not believe there is a natural transition from that to the storyline of The Rise of Skywalker. In the words of one Redditor: "The Resistance is reduced to just a dozen individuals onboard the MF at the end of TLJ. However, the third film must finish with the FO vanquished. So the explanation for this astounding turn of events will ultimately be ridiculous...." The user then mentions the ease of Lando suddenly being able to unify a galaxy in order to defeat the First Order.

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Redditor u/DAVasquez, on the other hand, calls this the worst battle in Star Wars history, saying Maul was shown more competent than this. What they don't realize is how worn and broken Maul is, living only on hatred as he traipses across the Tatooine desert. They feel it also undermines Obi-Wan vs. Vader on the Death Star, which is not shared by many Rebels fans.

Darker Storytelling in the Clone Wars

As much as we like the lighter-hearted swashbuckling exploits of Rebels, we can't help but miss the darker storyline of Clone Wars. While Rebels had its share of gloomy moments (particularly in the later two seasons), things became a lot worse in Clone Wars.

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