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Pokmon Go is significantly influenced by Niantic Labs' previous real-world exploration game, Ingress. Each one makes use of players' location data to direct them to landmarks to visit, locations to capture, and, in the case of Pokmon Go, different monsters to gather. These are known as portals in Ingress and PokStops in Pokmon Go. But how can you find these PokStops in the rest of the globe so you can arrange your vacation accordingly? Ingress, it turns out, plays a significant part in determining this. The previous game's major participants donated location data, or intel, to an online database, creating a global map with numerous significant sites. That's why Pokmon Go already knows the nicest locations to visit in your neighborhood, complete with images.

Another division that might be proposed between continents divides the earth into three halves. This, like the last continental break, is not exactly delineated around the perimeters of whole continents. Rather, it isolates the Americas from the other continents while also including several islands in the northern waters. Reports differ when it comes to regions in the North Atlantic and Arctic waters, such as Iceland and Svalbard. Some think Iceland is part of the Americas, while others believe it is part of the European spawn area. Players' experiences in these areas may vary from what this approximate estimate indicates.

According to the New York Times, fast food restaurants and coffee shops are two examples of potential sponsored PokeStops. Given Pokemon Go's massive popularity, it's easy to envision shop businesses lined up for sign sponsorship agreements in order to attract more consumers. Pokemon Go might also benefit small companies. As NeoGAF users found, shops may be able to utilize Pokemon Go's "lures" to attract high-value critters to their actual locations, potentially increasing foot traffic. Some companies are also said to be giving discounts to those who support certain Pokemon Go teams.

We also conducted a second Community Day in January, dubbed a Community Day Classic, starring Bulbasaur, which was a featured Pokmon in 2018. In April, we received a Mudkip Community Day Great, so it seems that these classic days will continue. We don't know how often we'll receive them.

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