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Reddit Koe No Katachi

This is now my favorite film of 2017, and maybe the finest animated film I've ever seen. I'll be chastised since Studio Ghibli makes some really good films as well; yet this resonated with me on so many levels, and was precisely what I needed without even realizing it. If you haven't already watched it, brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. It's a high-quality animation.

Kawai's beauty is cute, but her demeanor is everything but. Kawai walks about life with the air of a well-to-do honor student, doing whatever helps her and her view of the world. While she is not as significant as Ueno, she plays an important role in Koe no Katachi, as you will see after you read it. Sahara is a quiet bookworm kind of character who warms up to Shouko the most in elementary school, despite the fact that her efforts to make contact are thwarted by social pressure and psychological assault. She is one of the individuals that really strives to help Shouya show how much he has grown as a person. Nagatsuka Tomohiro, Mashiba Satoshi, and Nishimiya Yuzuru round out the chaotic bunch. Nagatsuka aspires to be a film director, and his efforts to make a film are what bring the people together in the first place. Mashiba is one of the characters Nagatsuka pulls into his nightmare. Meanwhile, Shoukos' younger brother, Yuzuru, adores photography.

I just saw this movie today.... and I can't believe what a work of art it is... I've never sobbed so hard at a movie before... the last time I did was in Graveyard of the Fireflies... viewing this masterpiece was an experience I'll never forget.... Then I discovered that the film was released roughly simultaneously with your name. In my nation, your name received a lot of attention, and I ended up seeing it a year ago... I'm not sure why I waited so long to see this movie, but it was one of the finest viewing experiences I've ever had.

Yoshitoki Oima wrote and drew the Japanese manga series Koe no Katachi (The Shape of Voice). It tells the narrative of Nishimiya Shouko, a deaf middle school girl. She moves to a new school and is tormented by her peers. One of the bullies, Ishida Shouya, eventually moves to another school. As a consequence, he is socially isolated and ridiculed, with no friends and no goals for the future. Years later, he embarks on a journey of atonement. Katachi no Koe Hello and welcome to the Wiki! Manga Yoshitoki Ima wrote and drew this manga series. More information > Film An anime film based on the manga adaptation. Continue reading > FIFTY ARTICLES 1,734 PAGES 272 FILES 5,989 EDITS 2 USERS Starting Out | Sandbox | Help Pages | New Pages | Wiki Tutorial Simply enter a title in the box below to start a new article! Site Policies | Style Guide | Contact a Staff Member Check out our Community Page to see what the community is up to!

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