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Jolyne Kujo Balls Deep

This new planet provides a peek of its Jolyne counterpart and her life. Irene is not incarcerated and seems to be actively happy and in a good relationship with Anakiss, this reality's new Anasui. This at least demonstrates that Jolyne is not always doomed to a terrible end. NEXT: JoJo: 10 Araki Forgot Stone Ocean Moments Debunked

Nice Lady: The first thing she does is give Emporio a raincoat to keep him dry. She also insists on picking up a hitchhiker (actually an alternate version of Weather Report). Walking Spoiler: Even discussing her exposes the conclusion of Stone Ocean as a whole.

As you roam about what some of the others referred to as home, you see that it is mostly vacant after everyone has gone their own ways to spend the night their own way. You stroll back to your quarters, wiping your eyes, and as you reach for the bedroom doorknob, you see it's already open, not all the way, but just enough for you to peep inside. Narancia was inside, scurrying about inspecting your possessions; it is only when he attempts to touch the necklace on the dresser that you have had enough and break in. You shout, catching him off surprise, "Come to take my things again?"

Jolyne reverses her kick and summons Stone Free to do the same. Stone Free's second hit is a center assault that knocks the opponent down. A standard command that may be chained into any of Jolyne's abilities. (Comboable) (Only stand off) You're taking me on a trip! / / + (Stand On only) OKAY IN THE AIR Stone Free utilizes string to quickly draw Jolyne to the ground, forward, backward, or straight below, letting her to strike immediately upon landing. This is a "fast-fall" talent that may be utilized to swiftly enter inside melee range of an opponent or to dodge anti-air assaults.

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