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Remington Steel replied: Not based on the majority of the photos in this topic! Click to enlarge... Yes, I tried it out last weekend. At the beach, I used Halide to capture several RAW images before switching to the standard camera app. The RAW shots were a shambles, so blown out in the strong light that no amount of post-processing on the computer could salvage them, but the ones taken with the standard app using smart HDR came out brilliantly.

As the unusual 'wolf moon' that ushered in the New Year reached its peak overnight, aspiring photographers across the world hurried to capture the first photographs.

The supermoon, which lasted from Monday night to Tuesday, was the second of a trilogy, with the first occurring on December 3, 2017, and the third on January 31, 2018.

As a professional photographer, I can tell you that the picture of your living room clearly demonstrates that there is a flaw. It's a problem with internal glare/reflection. The protective glass above the lens element, like any other standard DSLR camera lens, should be anti-glare coated to avoid picture mirroring/ghosting. Because of this problem, I'm ordering a new iPhone 12 Pro. It is absurd. Source

There are no manual settings. There is no built-in viewfinder. VIEW ON AMAZON RATING RATING RATING RATING RATING RATING This inexpensive photography camera is ideal for shooting lovely portraits, amazing landscapes, and a variety of other photos thanks to its 42x optical zoom and wide-angle lens. The camera's 20-megapixel CCD sensor provides plenty of color and detail. The three-inch LCD screen lets you to instantly review images captured. Another feature of this digital camera for photography is the ability to share photographs over Wi-Fi or NFC to your tablet or smartphone. As a result, you may quickly share your fresh impressions on Instagram or other social networking platforms.

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