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And, in a film that makes a great deal about women being just as cold-blooded as males, it seems ungenerous not to allow Wiest's horribly abused Jennifer an opportunity to extract her own vengeance, particularly after establishing that she's no nice old woman. Instead, she's shunted off to the sidelines as the Marla-Roman smackdown takes a more cynical turn, implying the limitless possibility for legitimized corporate skullduggery in twenty-first-century America. Your appetite for a horrible reality will determine whether you find this amusing or disgusting. But the marriage of Pikes terrible manipulator with the always superb Dinklages cool, quiet murderer, a man too brilliant not to know and appreciate his adversarys enormous brain, gives unequivocal delights.

If you've just completed I Care a Lot, you'll probably need some time to process everything. This action-packed thriller, which is accessible on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video depending on your location, has it all: fascinating characters, a narrative full of twists and turns, and Rosamund Pike's unbreakable Lego hair. Finally, the plot was inspired by real-life incidents. Let's go through some of I Care a Lot's most pressing issues and talk about the shocking finish. There will be spoilers ahead.

However, part of the film's inspiration seems to have originated from "The Takeover," a piece for the New Yorker written by writer Rachel Aviv and published in 2017 (which can be seen on the publication's website under the title, "How the Elderly Lose Their Rights").

One early portion of this piece, for example, has some parallels to the scene in I Care a Lot in which Marla comes to Jennifer Pieterson's (Dianne Wiest) residence and informs her that she must go since she has been placed under Marla's guardianship:

Grayson, Marla: I used to be just like you. Thinking that hard effort and fair play would lead to success and happiness. No, it does not. Playing fair is a ruse used by the wealthy to keep the rest of us destitute. And I've been impoverished. It does not sit well with me. Because there are two kinds of individuals in the world: those who take and those who are taken. There are predators and prey. Lambs and lions Grayson, Marla: Marla Grayson is my name, and I'm not a lamb. I'm a freaking lioness!

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Based on over 100 reviews, I Care A Lot presently has an 81 percent Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, with a significantly lower audience score of 35 percent. Overall, most reviewers appear to like Pike's diabolical lead performance as the major antihero, despite the fact that she's been there before as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl. The cat-and-mouse component, as well as the supporting performances by Wiest and Dinklage, seem to have struck a chord with many viewers. In addition, Gonzlez humanizes Marla as her adoring spouse, Fran. The Netflix film may not be very complicated, but its criticism on greed and privilege hits all the appropriate plot beats. Here are a few good reactions to I Care A Lot.

From here, we see Marla and her accomplice and lover, Fran (Eiza Gonzlez), go for Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), a wealthy lady with no family who lives peacefully on her own. Despite her protests, Jennifer is court-ordered out of her home and into the imprisoning halls of the Berkshire Oaks retirement home, in a bravura passage performed with a Kafka-esque precision that reminded me of Steven Soderbergh's horrific Unsane. Despite her seeming weakness (Wiest is fantastic at conveying Jennifer's gut-wrenching combination of wonder and helplessness), Jennifer is not what she seems to be. In truth, she is the greatest mistake you will ever make: a lady with hidden riches whose departure from her house raises the ire of those who may make Marla's life extremely difficult. Marla is chained to a chair, facing death in the face, after a spurned visit from Chris Messina's stash-carrying lawyer.

Roman kidnaps Marla, she demands a $10 million ransom, and he orders his goons to drown her in a vehicle. She proves difficult to kill (at least for the time being) and returns much angrier: Marla and her partner/lover Fran (Eiza Gonzalez) kidnap and drug Roman, leaving him nude and unconscious on a remote road, so when he is picked up and transported to the hospital as a John Doe, Marla negotiates her way into being his legal guardian. She demands for $10 million again, this time with considerably more clout, but Roman has a counteroffer she can't refuse: They start a company together, employing her money and abilities, and her conservatorship scam goes nationwide, making her wealthy and putting her on magazine covers. Success, however, is brief as a guy (Macon Blair) she prevented from visiting his mother at the start of the film exacts his ultimate retribution, shooting and murdering Marla in the street in front of a shocked Fran.

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