Ground Flappy Bird Background Png

offset = window height / 3 pipe def createPipe() game images height ['pipeimage'] [0]. offset + random = get height() y2 range(0, int (window height - game images)) ['sea level'] pipeX = window width + 10 y1 = pipe.get height() - 1.2 * offset)) Height - y2 + pipe offset = ['x': pipeX, 'y': - y1, 'x': pipeX, 'y': y2] return pipeline Step 5: We now write a GameOver() method that indicates if the bird has struck the pipes or has fallen into the sea.

This should provide enough background to understand how the game works. The next section shows how the game is seen as an optimization issue. isCollideDefinition(playerx, playery, upperPipes, lowerPipes): GAME SOUNDS['hit'].play if playery> GROUNDY - 25 or playery0: () return True for upper-level pipes: pipe get height = GAME SPRITES['pipe'][0] () GAME SPRITES['pipe'] if(playery pipeHeight + pipe['y'] and abs(playerx - pipe['x']) GAME SOUNDS['hit'].play() returns True if [0].get width()):

We make care to encapsulate all of our rendering code inside of push:start() and push:finish(), as we did last week, so that the push library can handle it with regard to our virtual resolution. For the time being, the rendering logic consists of just drawing our backdrop and group. The backdrop is drawn at the top of the screen, while the ground is drawn at the bottom. Here, we define two variables that are local to this file and hold image objects for our background and ground. This will be relevant soon.

We'll look at the next condition, which is whether we pressed the up or space key. If yes, we will exit the function and begin the game. If no key or button is pushed, the welcome screen appears. We will use the screen.blit() method to insert the backdrop, message, player, base, and title images. Finally, we will use pygame.display.update() to refresh our window and our clock variable with the fps number as an input to show just 32 frames per second.

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