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Family Guy Full Episodes Reddit

Lois and Peter attempt to locate a peaceful area to have sex while spending the day at the beach with their children, but are constantly disturbed by the children. When Brian and the kids upset them again at home, the two shout at them while doing a cutaway joke, prompting them to be sent into the cutaway. They quickly realize they have been relocated to an other realm where all of the show's cutaways exist and new ones are created, which Lois refers to as "Cutawayland." They also discover that it takes two individuals to send them to Cutawayland and one person to move them around cutaways by constructing one or referencing one that has already been created. While Brian and the kids search for Peter and Lois, the two enjoy their time in Cutawayland until the latter chooses to return to their family and persuades Peter to do the same. Instead, they force the rest of the family to be transported into Cutawayland.

The Griffin family's exploits are featured in the animated comedy "Family Guy." Peter and his stay-at-home wife Lois live in Quahog, Rhode Island, with their three children. Meg, the oldest kid, is a social pariah, while Chris, the adolescent, is uncomfortable and naive about the other sex. Stewie, the youngest, is a brilliant infant intent on murdering his mother and ruining the world. Brian, the talking dog, keeps Stewie in check while drinking martinis and dealing with his own life troubles.

This episode focuses mostly on Peter's efforts to preserve Stewie's first birthday celebration after he spoils everything with the original location. While this journey was entertaining on its own, Meg leads another interesting story on the B-side. Meg, who has always struggled to make new acquaintances, is quickly befriended by a strange, cheerful girl at her school. Unbeknownst to her, that girl is covertly attempting to recruit her for a cult that is about to commit suicide.

Chris works at the brewery and Meg becomes a housewife in Trading Places, while Peter and Lois attend high school to establish if it is easier to be an adult or a child. Chris is so adept at Peter's work that he gets employed full-time. RELATED: The 10 Best Family Guy Characters Who Appeared in Only One Episode

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