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"We hang out once or twice a week when I see her. It's tragic that someone can be such a monster and so nasty "Miranda Benvenuti, the victim's neighbor, said KPIX 5. The picture of the suspect was collected by investigators and sent to other cops. Daniel Cauich, 35, was identified as the suspect. Officers discovered Cauich in the 1300 block of Clay Street at 11:45 a.m. and arrested him without incident, according to police.

Dong-Mei Li, Xies daughter, translated for her mother during the interview with KPIX-TV. Xie sobbed as she said that she didn't know the guy and couldn't comprehend why he would have assaulted her. But she acted quickly to defend herself. According to Li, she discovered the stick in the area and fought back. According to witnesses, Xie pummeled her assailant with the paddle. Play

According to officials, the younger lady suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Patrick Thompson, 54, of San Francisco, was apprehended approximately two hours later. Investigators were attempting to discover if the act was motivated by racism, according to the Examiner, while Police Chief Bill Scott told the Police Commission on Wednesday that there was no evidence thus far that the attack was a hate crime.

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