David Grassel Corpus Christi

I'm not sure whether Justin Wade works for you, but he's another great asset to your organization. He is usually cheerful and helpful, and he does an excellent job of looking after the pool for us. That young guy is an enormous value to both you and Ocean Quest. Thank you very much.

He attended Texas Tech University after graduating from Alamo Heights High School. However, he quickly recognized that college was not for him since he had goals to pursue and a life to live. David began his career in the auto glass sector, which led him to CC, where he established his own business. David went on to become a highly successful entrepreneur, most notably as the owner of Diamond TexStar Glass Company and, subsequently, Diamond Cellular, as one of the first shops to supply mobile phones to the local market. His success allowed him to enjoy fast vehicles and fast boats. He went through all the ups and downs that young men in their twenties and thirties go through.

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