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Crystal With Star Of David Pattern

This lovely Amethyst accented Clear Quartz Star of David Pendant with a Rose de France Amethyst Super Nova accent stone is of remarkable quality, both in the stone's cut and in the simple silver band setting, allowing the stone to breathe and operate at its greatest vibration. It comes with an 18" sterling silver chain that lies on the thymus, maximizing the stone's benefits for the user. The accent stone is a modified Millennium Cut, a starburst pattern designed by skilled jewelers in the early years of the twenty-first century to express the increasing awareness of a new millennium. It's been dubbed a Super Nova! This 8 mm Rose de France Amethyst accent stone is a great find!

Many of these contemporary acolytes of the Great Alchemist employ crystals and gemstones said to resonate with the energy frequency of the Violet Ray, which is claimed to be utilized for cleansing and raising the kundalini energy in a search for Unity Consciousness under the direction of St. Germain. Amethyst, the violet-colored type of quartz previously preferred by the Pope and Bishops of the Catholic Church, is one of these crystals and jewels. Amethyst is traditionally associated with sobriety, purity, and chastity, and would be a good stone for people prone to addictive behavior or spiritual searchers seeking change via the gradual cleansing of mind, body, and aura.

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