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NESTA Credential is the most recently introduced certification. The National Exercise and Strength Trainers Association certification is known as NESTA. This credential has a modest degree of acceptability, but it is still recognized by some in the fitness sector. The lower acceptance level is due to the fact that this certification focuses on how to utilize technology as a personal trainer rather than on personal training itself. The course lasts around 90 days and costs approximately $600. After completing this course, you will be certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer rather than a Certified Personal Trainer.

I'm looking for a certification that I can do in 8 weeks throughout the summer. My summer assignment for my degree entails obtaining a certification and developing a business plan for opening my own gym. I don't intend to use the certification much, except from potentially assisting some friends/family and applying the training information for myself, since it is only a prerequisite for my schooling. I investigated NASM, ACE, and ISSA. I know NASM is probably the most prestigious, but I'm not sure how achievable it would be in an 8-week span. Please let me know if you have any queries. Thanks

Disclaimer I absolutely realize that there is no substitute for expertise, and I also understand that personal training is more than just reading from a book and advising a client to follow a plan. TL:DR - Are online certifications intended to give all essential abilities, or are they intended to supplement more 'formal' PT training?

My top five qualifications are listed above, although they are far from the only possibilities. NCCPT is another example. The National Council for Certified Trainers provides several great NCCA-accredited qualifications. The National Council for Certified Trainers provides several great NCCA-accredited qualifications. IFPA . The International Federation of Personal Trainers (IFPA) provides many personal training certificates, including a master course. The NCCA has accredited the organization.

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