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This announcement came prior to the decision of the MLB regarding their 2020 season. The MLB has been discussing alternative plans to still hold a season of only 82 games in certain locations, according to ESPN. Even though Grabowski understands the decision of the World Baseball Classic, he does think they could have waited a while longer until other decisions were made on sports.

Baseball is scheduled to return to the Summer Olympics, which were pushed back to a July 2021 start date, so international baseball remains on the calendar for next year.

The WBC was scheduled to be played in ballparks in the United States, Japan and Taiwan from March 9-23, with the semifinals and finals at Marlins Park in Miami.

Over the first three editions of the World Baseball Classic it's Japan that leads the way on the medal table with two tournament victories (2009, 2006) and one third-place finish (2013). (2013). South Korea has a pair of top-three finishes at the World Baseball Classic (2009, 2006), while the United States'

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