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Vsx-1130-K Review

I've always admired their products, and I'm holding back my full rage until I can connect the internet to it with my newly purchased 50' lan cable. If the update resolves the issue and is relatively simple, I will make the necessary changes. If it's a real pain in the ass and fixes things, I'll also update to reflect that.

MCACC Pro MCACC Pro expands on MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration). MCACC Pro analyzes and corrects the phase and group delay characteristics caused by the filtering systems in the speakers, in addition to automatically compensating for speaker size, level, and distance to the listening position, as standard MCACC does. This adjustment is also made between different channels to ensure a smooth flow. Additional features include independent correction for dual subwoofers and 1-millimeter speaker position adjustments. MCACC Pro corrects phase differences in the original audio as well as sounds emitted by the speakers for all channels. Simple Setup

Multibrand/Learning Remote Control: The wireless remote that is included is a multibrand/learning remote. The remote control is pre-programmed to operate popular brands of equipment such as Blu-ray/DVD players, Blu-ray/DVD recorders, CD/SACD players, TVs, and Satellite/Cable boxes. In addition, the remote can learn specific commands from other components' infrared remotes. While the lights are turned off, the power, volume, and source buttons glow in the dark. HDMI Control: The Pioneer VSX-1130-K features HDMI Control. You can use HDMI Control to synchronize the operation of your Pioneer AV receiver and your HDMI CEC-compatible TV or Blu-ray disc player (equipment must be connected via HDMI). Included HDMI Control Functions:

Pioneer's proprietary version of auto setup and room correction, MCACCthe Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System, has been updated to support Dolby Atmos. It supports four-band subwoofer EQ for two subs, with the same settings applied to both. The VSX-1130 is the first time the Pro version has been made available in a $600 receiver; last year, it was only available in $1,600 and higher models.

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