Vk 72.(K)

Fighting a VK 72.01 (K) is most difficult when it is aiming straight at you. Its front hull armor is typically between 230mm and 300mm thick. Tier 9/10 tanks are the only ones capable of passing through the frontal hull, and even then it is not guaranteed. The majority of the lower glacis is effective at 263mm, while the flat part above is effective at 300mm. The turret doesn't have many flaws though, with just two weak points. The flat region adjacent to the mantlet has an efficacy of 200mm-214mm but is quite tiny and difficult to strike. Moving up to the cupola, you will see that it is quite weak in comparison to the rest of the frontal armor. Because the top of the cupola stands above 307mm effectiveness, this only pertains to the bottom most portion. The cupola is likewise difficult to see as you get closer to the VK 72.01. (K). This is owing to the tank's height and rear-mounted turret.

Vk 72.01 K

Damage Per Minute Theoretical Crew: 1815 75 percent Nominal DPM: 2250 50 percent 100 percent crew: 2077.5 Crew: 2347.5 100% Crew Vents: 2400 Rammer: 2610 Both: 2670 Both and BiA: 2730 Both and Max Crew Percentage: 2842.5 First-shot Advantageous Damage Per Minute DPM: 3000 (50%) 25% of the crew: 2565 Crew: 2827.5 percent Crew: 3097.5 percent Crew 3360 Rammer 3150 Vents Both: 3420 Both and BiA: 3480 Both and Max Crew: 3592.5 Damage Per Minute Theoretical Crew: 2299 75 percent Nominal DPM: 2850 50 percent Crew: 2631.5 (100%) Crew: 2973.5 (100%) Crew Vents: 3040 Rammer: 3306 Both: 3382 Both and BiA: 3458 Both and Max Crew Percentage: 3600.5 Advantageous Damage Per Minute First-shot DPM: 3800 50% Crew: 3249 75% Crew: 3581.5 100% Crew Rammer: 4256 Vents: 3990 Both: 4332 Both and BiA: 4408 Both and Max Crew: 4550.5

Lwe/VK 70.01 Leichter (K) It was supposed to weigh 76 t (75 long tons; 84 short tons), have 100 mm (3.9 in) of frontal armor, a center-mounted turret, a 10.5 cm (4.1 in) L/70 high velocity cannon, and a coaxial machine gun, and reach a peak speed of 27 km/h (17 mph). Adolf Hitler subsequently scrapped it. [1] Lwe/VK 72.01 Schwerer (K) It was supposed to be 90 t (89 long tons; 99 short tons), with 120 mm (4.7 in) frontal armor, a rear-mounted turret, a 10.5 cm L/70 high velocity cannon, and a coaxial machine gun, but it could only reach a peak speed of 23 km/h (14 mph). It was redesigned with 150 mm (5.9 in) frontal armor, an 8.8 cm (3.5 in) L/71 cannon, and a peak speed of 35 km/h (22 mph). [1] Also see [edit]

Improves firefighting capabilities. The whole crew's effective skill level is averaged. With the impacts of Experienced Firefighters, the skill is cumulative. Expands the maximum view range. When observation instruments are destroyed, or when paired with Situational Awareness, Coated Optics, Experimental Optics, Bounty Optics, Binocular Telescope, and Optical Calibration, the skill becomes more effective.

Profile Crew Members of the VK 72.01 (K) General Class Heavy Tier X Battle Tier VIII - X Frontline/Support Tank with 5 Roles Forward/Backward Price for 33/15 km/h XP N/A price Price 22500 Gold Tanks for Research N/A came before it. N/A succeeded The Tier X German Premium Heavy Tank VK 72.01 (K) One of the most uncommon tanks to encounter in combat. Awarded to the top 3,000 players in the Second Clan Wars Campaign who earned the most Fame Points. It eventually became one of the Clan Wars prize tanks available exclusively to the top clans throughout each Clan Wars season.

Vk 72.01 K Wot Blitz

Its gun lacks the DPM and reload rate required to compete in DPM competitions. This indicates that this tank is more suited to sneak attacks. Because of the tank's rarity, some players may be unaware of how to oppose it or what weapons it carries. This tank is comparable to the Pz.Kpfw. VII, which carries a different gun, therefore if you know how to play the Oanzer 7, you know how to play this tank.

Vk 72 01 K Tanks Gg

Also, after the armor layout adjustments a year ago, was the bottom plate of the VK 72.01(K) nerfed to be weaker than the tech tree Pz.Kpfw. VII (PZ.7)? I keep hearing contradictory information about the LFP being nerfed and others claiming that the model is inaccurate and the VKK LFP was not nerfed...? Edit: With's appropriate armor modeling in patch 1.8 and double verifying with Armor Inspector, it's clear that the majority of the remarks below are substantially incorrect. VKK has the same LFP as PZ.7 (meaning LFP is NOT nerfed) and the turret ring weakspot (2 balls on the sides of the VKK) has around 10mm - 20mm more armoring, making it more resistant to silver ammunition and giving 330 HEAT rounds a 40% chance of functioning, implying VKK can sidescrape.

It is not an easy effort to return this huge guy to the Garage. Unfortunately, getting it rolling on the battlefield needs time as well, due to its weak power-to-weight ratio. But why follow an opponent when you can have your shells chase them? The VK 168.01 (P) comes with a strong 12.8 cm boomstick with 440 alpha damage and excellent penetration ratings. With a 400-meter view range, you can keep an eye on the prize even from afar. Simply aim carefully and then take a big bite.

Armed with a highly German 128 mm cannon, the VK 75.01 (K) will punish any opponent who dares to approach him face-to-face with an average of 490 damage per shot, with 226 mm armour penetration standard round. The VK 75.01 (K), like other vehicles with similar playability, will be most successful at close range and, at times, mid-range. The typical sluggish German heavy tank with substantial armour, thus you must carefully select your flank to drive or defend. The VK 75.01 (K) has a good turning radius, so don't be startled if you come across one and can't swiftly circle around it.

This tank is very strongly armored for grade VI. The glacis plate (and the lower plate) are both 100mm thick, therefore if you fire frontally at the VK 36.01 (H), be sure you have a powerful enough cannon and that the adversary has not angled the armor. Otherwise, it is preferable to flank the lumbering German tank and fire on its weak flanks. The VK 36.01 (H) turret is even more difficult to penetrate than the hull. The thickness of its armor varies depending on the gun it utilizes. The 7.5/5.5cm Waffe 0725 is 100mm thick, allowing it to resist shells with a penetrating value of 150mm. The armor thickness of the cal. 88mm cannon is 135mm. When assaulting the tank from the front, aim for the cupola - it is relatively lightly protected, therefore most rounds thrown at it will damage the vehicle. Because the sides and back of the turret are just 80mm thick, they are easily damaged.

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