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Is this video of Trey Songz spitting in his mouth further proof that he enjoys degrading women? This video has reignited the debate about Trey Songz's treatment of women behind closed doors. Based on previous occurrences and this one, some people believe Trey Songz enjoys insulting women. Remember when he forced Megan Thee Stallion to open her lips to swallow Liquor? Trey Songz spitting in women's mouths is similar, only he was pouring his spit down their throats instead of wine.

Songz joins a growing number of celebrities who have launched a profile on the raunchy site, including Cardi B, Chris Brown, Tyga, Mario, MoNique, and others.

It is becoming evident by the day that artists are willing (or forced) to explore alternative media in order to survive, while routes such as touring and appearances remain off-limits due to the worldwide health crisis.

Keke Palmer, who publicly accused him of bullying during an interview about her involvement in Songz' music video "Pick Up The Phone" in 2017.

Trey was also charged by Andrea Buera of assaulting and beating her at a Los Angeles party in 2018, but the case was rejected owing to a lack of evidence.

If you don't hear any sound, use the unmute button at the bottom right of the videos below.

Assaulting a police officer is a category 3 felony in Kansas City. If he is prosecuted, he may face 9 to 36 months in jail. According to accounts, the officer did not sustain any significant injuries, despite the fact that Trey Songz seemed to be on the verge of breaking his neck.

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