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The Collector, according to Kikimora, is neither a witch or a demon, but rather a child-like thing from the stars. The Collector is shown in diverse images discovered on King's former island home, and it recounts a scenario in which the Collector clashed with the Titans of the Demon Realm. During the struggle, King's sire succeeded to imprison the Collector in another dimension, but at the expense of his own life. It's implied that the Collector was responsible for the Titans' and their offspring's near-extinction via direct conflict and the activities of their followers, the Titan Trappers.

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The Foxcroft NF font seen above is not free; to download and use the font, please click the link above and buy a font license. Meanwhile, you may browse our font collections for vehicles, pop music, and clothes, as well as round-ups of new and fresh fonts from across the web.

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