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Ellie struggles to position herself as a young child in the eyes of adults, and she even "supervises" adults at times. She also takes "justice" into her own hands in her relationships with anyone and does not believe she needs the consent of any adults. This self-parenting trait stems from her time in a Boston orphanage[62], where she learned to fend for herself. As an example, consider Joel falling on an iron rod. Though not shown, she rides Joel to an abandoned mall to find supplies to stitch up his wound. Following that, she transports him to an abandoned house on a sled attached to her horse and continues to nurse him back to health while obtaining food and medicine from David. [40] Ellie has a romantic interest in women. [63] She kisses Riley[13], is romantically involved with Dina, and was with a girl named Cat prior to the events of the game. [64] Joel was initially unaware of Ellie's interest in women, believing she had a crush on Jesse,[53] but eventually learned of (and supported) Ellie's feelings for Dina. [56]

Segn Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog's creative director, has used a new scanning process for closed captioning, a new technology for early-access videogames; however, there was a real-world test first. What about Quin? Alexandra Neonakis is a Naughty Dog artist and designer. Once they had determined that all of the pieces fit correctly into a real brazo, it was time to put it to practice on the screens of their computers and have Ellie's antebrazo glow with pride. What does a tattoo mean?

If you're a tattoo artist, brace yourself because you might be working with this design a lot in the coming years. Naughty Dog has released high-resolution artwork of Ellie's tattoo from The Last of Us: Part II, designed by Natalie Hall of Los Angeles. It's basically a butterfly perched on fern leaves. The developer has also released some high-resolution artwork of the protagonist, who is now 19 years old and has a more rugged appearance. Her shaved hair and ripped jeans give her a much harder edge than the more vivacious character from the first game, but this should all play into the title's darker theme.

The most memorable of these is this one, in which she seemed to have heard these words from someone else and decided that's how a person should express their enthusiasm. It was oddly heartwarming to hear her be so childish at times, given the mouth she had on her when she got fierce. 6 "We can be all poetic and lose our minds at the same time."

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