Swanetien Karte

Swanetien's high-mountain area is gradually reviving tourism, without attracting large crowds. The Georgian province is so remote that it is overlooked not only by tourists, but also by explorers till the new history is written. The fact that the stliche upper, directly on the main bay of the Kaukasus, was known as Free Swanetien for a long time, owed much to the tenacity of its proud inhabitants. The several, mostly uralten Wehrtrme are regional symbols. Today's visitor may expect a one-of-a-kind cultural landscape that blends modernity and tradition. Swanetien, being one of the first regions in the whole Kaukasus, has a network of well-marked hiking trails. If you want to immerse yourself in a new way of life but don't want to compromise on comfort, here is the place to be. Anyone interested in unique village life and natural nature should read on. Because here comes the start of some of the most beautiful day hikes in Oberswanetien, from village to village.

The route may be shortened by using a Jeep: On my first Swanetien trip, I got a little disoriented and decided to drive myself (1 hour, 100 Lari) up to the top of the Ughviri Pass, or around halfway through the second stage. You may also drive yourself from Mestia to Zabeshi, shortening your journey to three days. Many hikers take a Jeep from Khalde or Iprali to Ushguli and then abandon the last leg. There is a beautiful hiking trail above the Schotterpiste, although it is not well-known.

Following the disintegration of the Georgian states following the breakup of the Soviet Union, such as in the Georgian-Abchasian War (Georgien, Georgisch-Abchasischer Krieg), there were violent processes in Swanetien such as bloodshed, robbery, berfllen by ruberbands, willful land division, and land take, which were often justified by citing traditional legal principles. However, these acts were mostly valued by the local populace as a deterrent to extravagant honor claims, since they clearly served the implementation of local elite power interests. [26] [27] The Sowjet insignia Hammer and Sichel may be seen on the balcony of a Gstehaus in Oberswanetien.

Mestia is a very little city that may be traversed in less than a half hour. Despite this, there are a few minibuses that run throughout the city, as well as smaller drfers around the surrounding area. We, on the other hand, have come a long way. Information for self-drivers: Mestia has two gas stations as well as many camping areas. More information on exploring the Kaukasus by car may be found in the article Georgien Selbstfahrer.

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