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I'm seeking to travel from Minneapolis to St. Louis at the end of September, and Sun Country is by far the lowest option. Sun Country now has it for 127, while Delta has the next lowest trip for an additional $50. The flight will just take an hour and a half. Is there anything anybody knows about Sun Country? Have you ever seen or heard anything about them? I've heard lots of complaints about Spirit, but never about Sun Country.

I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to publish this, but I'll do it anyway.

My whole life, I've traveled nearly solely on Northwest, Delta, and Alaska Airlines. I had to fly Sun Country lately since the other flights were just too pricey to book last minute. It was my first journey with Sun Country, and to begin with, my flight was three hours late. To make matters worse, they misplaced my check-in luggage.

Sun Country Airlines Charges Extra Fees During the Reservation Process The next step is to decide what kind of luggage you want to carry on the trip. To prevent additional bag costs after booking, be sure to include any luggage you need at this stage. If you just want to travel with a personal item, simply tick the all I need option for the Under Seat category. At this point, you may also choose to add priority boarding.

While you were left wondering which half of SkyWest's partners were low on this list, I have to let you in on a little secret: Trans States Airlines exclusively flies for them: United and American. Trans States Airlines runs a network of connecting flights for United under the brand name United Express. Trans States Airlines operates as American Eagle when it is dressed in the American Airlines livery. Trans States Airlines' fleet is completely made up of Embraer 145 planes. These tiny planes have fifty seats and take up roughly half the capacity of a Boeing 767. The E145's aisle splits the seats in a 1: 2 ratio. The advantage is that there is no middle seat. The fortunate individual in the single seat may also claim to be sitting in both the window and the aisle at the same time.

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