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TCA: The writer/creator of IFC's upcoming show explains why distinguishing between horror and comedy is critical to its DNA. Dana Gould's Stan Against Evil is a personal show for him not only because he is the creator and writer, but also because it reflects his personal fandom. He's a self-professed horror fan, which is ideal for someone behind a show about a pair of modern-day New England sheriffs dealing with some unfriendly evil spirits.

It's a small world, and the stand-up comedian/planet creator's includes Greg Nicotero from "The Walking Dead," "Saturday Night Live" alumni, and other legends.

It's never fun to be interrupted during an interview, unless you're speaking with Stan Against Evil creator Dana Gould and Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are interfering.

Ash vs. Evil Dead, a Starz show based on the Evil Dead film series. The plot: >Ash has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity, and the terrors of the Evil Dead, until a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of humanity and Ash becomes mankind's only hope. Season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead has been renewed.

IFC said in a statement, "We are grateful to Dana Gould and our partners at Radical Media, as well as the stellar cast of Stan Against Evil, including John C. McGinley and Janet Varney, for three unforgettable seasons battling the forces of evil and the most original one-liners anywhere."

Stan Against Evil starred McGinley and Varney as Stan Miller (McGinley), the perpetually disgruntled former sheriff of a small New England town, and Evie Barret (Varney), his younger, more spirited successor, and how the two are forced into an unlikely alliance after discovering their sleepy little town is the subject of a 300-year-old demonic curse. Willards Mill was the site of a massive 17th century witch burning, and as a result, Stan and Evie are forced to battle demons, witches, haunted ponies, giant piglets, evil babies, you name it, all while attempting to bridge their chasm-wide personal differences.

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