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Lyle Fitzsimmons wrote this. I like sports. Danielle, my wife of 13 years (and best friend of 14), would tell you that I'm just as likely to be up at 2 a.m. watching reruns of former Olympics or Super Bowls as I am to be asleep and dreaming. But it's not only that...

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Shawn Porter 25-0 for the WBC World Welterweight Title (21 KOs) RECORD 30-2-1 (17 KOs) 29 AGE 31 5'9 1/2" HEIGHT 5'7 " 72 in REACH 69 1/2 in southpaw STANCE orthodox Desoto, Texas HOMETOWN Las Vegas, Nevada 5-0 (4 KOs) LAST 5 4-1 (1 KO) WBC TITLE 2 BOXREC RANK 4 -800 MONEYLINE +500 IBF TITLES

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Round four: Porter continues to pummel and hits a string of strong blows. Spence isn't throwing back as much as he used to. Now a body shot and a cross-country run for him. Porter has a powerful right hand. Spence deploys countermeasures. Spence delivers powerful left hooks to the body and head. Porter responds with a stinging left hook that chisels away inside Spence. I'm almost halfway done. Spence lands a hard left. Porter knocks on the inside. For him, the lead hook lands. More possibilities. Spence hits him with a looping left. Shots to the body. Porter makes a powerful swing. 10-9 Porter, 38-38. Porter with some early body work, simply going in with massive swings in round five. Spence also falls on the body. Clinch. They do business in the center. Spence hits several counter lefts, and Porter walks right through them. Spence hits 1-2, then whiffs on the next left. Clinch. I'm almost halfway done. Spence takes a sharp left downstairs. Porter backs him up to the ropes, and they exchange close range punches. Spence throws punches and crosses. Left counter. Porter backs him up to the corner, then clinches. Spence takes a left on the exit, returning to close range dealing. Spence's bodywork continues. 10-9, 48-47 Spence.

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