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The interrogation signs (?) are used to represent the interrogative ending of a sentence. There are two signs in Spanish, one for opening () and one for closing (? ), which must be placed at the beginning and end of an interrogative sentence, respectively. The decimal value in ASCII is 6310, and the ISO-8859-1/ISO-8859-15 value is 0191; in Unicode, the values are U+00BF and U+003F, respectively.

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In Spanish, it is proper to mark a sentence with the opening of admiration () and the closing of interrogation (? ), or vice versa, in cases where admiration and interrogation are clearly shared, such as Quin te has credo que eres? However, the RAE prefers to use both signs for opening and closing: Who do you think you are!? (See also Interrobang.) And in encyclopedic works, interrogation is commonly used to indicate uncertain dates. Gengis Kan (1162?-1227) is one example. 7 Another language that uses the open question mark is Gallego, which is optional and is used to facilitate reading and avoid ambiguities. The linguist Joan Sol argued in Catalan orthography that the opening of the question mark (but not the exclamation mark) should be used, and some publications followed his advice; however, this practice remains in the context of Catalan writing, where the closing sign is almost always used (como en las otras lenguas europeas).

In fact, it is necessary to wait for the Diccionario's 1884 edition to find a mention of the rule that establishes the role of an ortografa (?) in putting a question mark at the beginning and end of a word or phrase.

In Windows, type the interrogation or question mark (?)

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