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Hello, I'm new to shaving and started on August 25th. I was shaving with the grain every day, but I didn't like the sandpaper feel when I rubbed my hand over my head, so yesterday I shaved against the grain as well. It went pretty well, no cuts or razor bumps, and I loved the smooth head feeling, so today I decided to shave against the grain again, but it didn't go as well as yesterday. I got one small cut and a few razor bumps. Is it too early to shave my head every day, or is my skin too sensitive for a daily shave? Does it get any better? Will my skin become accustomed to it? Should I let my head heal before shaving again, or can I keep shaving every day? I shaved my head with a Gillette Fusion Proglide razor and Proraso White Shaving Cream after showering.

Apply a high-quality shave gel, such as PURE by Gillette Soothing Shave Gel, next. This will help to prevent irritation, nicks, and cuts while shaving, as well as soften the hair for a more comfortable and close shave. Finally, if necessary, try shaving with the grain first and then ATG. Applying shave gel or foam again before going ATG can also help.

To begin, always shave in the direction your hair grows. Shaving your leg first reduces the length of the hair and allows it to soften before proceeding to the next step. When your hair is short and hydrated, you can go in the opposite direction. Shave up the leg against the direction of hair growth. for the closest possible shave Remember that shaving against the grain isn't for everyone. Shaving against the grain can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin, so use caution.

What exactly is this blanket prohibition on shaving against the grain? I mean, obviously, if it irritates your skin for any reason, don't do it; but if it doesn't, what's the problem? I'd never get a close shave with a heavy beard and soft skin unless I shaved against the grain (and I should mention I shave my head as well as my face). I keep my skin moist and reapply shaving (Noxzema) cream liberally, and I never get irritated. I'm now sold on Gillette (alas, soon to be Procter & Gamble) Mach3 Turbo blades (expensive, but I get six shaves out of one), but shaving against the grain has never given me any trouble since my Trac II days in high school. (However, I couldn't use a disposable razor to shave WITH the grain.) So, if shaving against the grain works for you, why should you be concerned about what the so-called experts say?

Shave Against The Grain Everyday Reddit

These home laser hair removal products are on the more expensive end of the shaving product spectrum, typically costing between $200 and $500. However, depending on the area and severity of treatment, an in-office treatment can range from $300 to $600 per session. However, the main goal of laser hair removal is to prevent hair regrowth over time, resulting in a more permanent solution to prickliness. If this is your ultimate goal, the benefit may outweigh the initial cost. 9. Make Use Of An Epilator

By the way, the Sharps are working very well for me so far, though I am experiencing a strange 'ripping' sensation, as if I have a lawnmower on my face (not painful or irritating,just very pronounced cutting sounds and sensations).

Unless I am well prepared, I cannot shave against the grain without complications. This usually indicates that I skipped a day, that I only shaved with the grain the day before, or that my skin has been in excellent condition recently. I'm still learning how to shave close without causing irritation to my skin. Any advice is always welcome. Thank you for this post/poll; I'm sure it will be very useful!

We include products that we believe our readers will find useful. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a small commission. Here's how we did it. Shaving can irritate the skin, resulting in itchy, painful red bumps. Itching after shaving could indicate razor burn or folliculitis. Skin irritation can be caused by shaving incorrectly, using a dull razor, or shaving a sensitive area of skin. Shaving products with artificial scents and harsh chemicals, such as alcohol, can irritate the skin and cause itching. Shaving can be done for aesthetic, hygienic, or personal reasons. Whatever the reason, shaving is an effective and efficient way to remove body hair. This article discusses why the skin itch after shaving and how to avoid it.

2. Schick Slim Twins are the least expensive and least advanced razors that do a halfway decent job. If they're on sale, it's a good low-cost option. However, you can only shave once with these, and their lubricant, whatever it is, is adequate. There is no irritation and the shave is smooth, but it takes about twice as long as the best one. 3. I've gone entirely by instinct - both with and against the grain. The most difficult areas to shave are at the base of my neck, where I have to shave against the grain several times before the razor angle catches the base of the hair. Although it is only the second most likely that I will miss it and realize too late.

Safety Razor Against The Grain Reddit

Safety razor hygiene is just as important as blade hygiene. To clean the hair caught in the blade, rinse the razor after each stroke. This will unclog the safety razor men and ensure that the razor is neat and clean every time you use it on the skin.

This, however, does not work for me because it is too harsh on my skin. This has led me to the conclusion that the best way to shave is the one that works for you. You shouldn't feel obligated to shave in a certain way just to meet an arbitrary standard imposed by some guy on Reddit or YouTube. So take the time to learn your facial hair patterns, your skin, and which methods and processes will provide you with a comfortable, consistent shave. Godspeed.

Reduce your environmental footprint. Traditional wet shaving with a double-edged safety razor produces less waste than cartridge razor shaving. The only waste is a single metal razor blade and the lather that is washed down the sink. A double-edged blade, unlike today's razor cartridges, can be easily recycled. Most traditional shave creams and soaps are sold in tubes and bowls, which produce less waste than the clunky non-biodegradable aerosol canisters that gels come in. Shaves that are more consistent. Most men today are unaware that they have bad shaves. Electric razors and the latest 5-blade razors irritate the skin more than necessary, resulting in razor burn, ingrown hairs, and redness. Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation and gives your face a clean, healthy appearance because you only use one blade instead of several that chew up your face to cut your whiskers.

It is made of genuine brass with nickel plating and comes in three easily disassembled pieces for easy cleaning and precise blade alignment.

But let us return to the weight issue when it comes to razors. Is a heavier razor better than a lighter one, in particular? Is there really that much of a difference in weight?

Shave Against The Grain Reddit

In short, there are valid reasons why barbers and shaving experts discourage shaving against the grain. Novice and first-time shavers should avoid shaving against the grain because they lack the necessary experience and technique. However, if you are experienced and know the proper technique, shaving against the grain can provide a close shave.

I've seen tutorials online and a few people here say they're able to do it just fine. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Is it possible that going against the grain is simply incompatible with my skin/facial hair? Also, I'd like to know if there are any skin products that can help with post-shave destruction. Perhaps a moisturizer or balm?

Every day, I have to shave my face and skull. Because my beard hair is dense and metallic (imagine every fourth beard hair looks and feels like a short sharp brass wire) and extremely hard, my blades frequently chip and can become unusable after a single shave. It makes no difference whether you cut against or with the grain for irritation and cuts, but it does for detail patches. As you might expect, this becomes costly, so I've been experimenting with razors for a decade. Here's what I've discovered that works for me - YMMV. 1. Electric razors, even the most expensive and well-reviewed ones on the market, do nothing - literally. I can run the shaver over short, medium, or long hair and it does nothing, not even catch for the most part. It's almost as if I forgot to remove the plastic cap from the damn things. That appears to be a thing. Some people are unable to use electric razors.

This, however, does not work for me because it is too harsh on my skin. This has led me to the conclusion that the best way to shave is the one that works for you. You shouldn't feel obligated to shave in a certain way just to meet an arbitrary standard imposed by some guy on Reddit or YouTube. So take the time to learn your facial hair patterns, your skin, and which methods and processes will provide you with a comfortable, consistent shave. Godspeed.

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