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In League of Legends, vertical jungling is regarded as the most challenging jungling route. This is an efficient jungle route that is also the most often utilized in pro play and high Elo. EDG has been quite savvy in recent series regarding how they play while vertical jungling to establish a strong lane (typically bot) ahead. April 25, 2020 Emily Rand (@leagueofemily)

Udyr Even Your early clear and his are almost equal, maybe favoring you somewhat. In lategame teamfights, he outscales you, but he must be able to do damage to your squishies for it to matter. Zac Major CC, slows, pursuit potential, and may lock you down, crippling your early game triforce rush. In late-game combat, he is more valuable than Hecarim.

Even Skarner This game is truly a tie. You can always battle Skarner 1v1; the issue is that Skarner often receives assistance from his team, and there isn't much you can do against all of his cc. I suggest attempting to 1v1 him early on, but only if he is alone. I also propose that Silversash remove his ulti cc as soon as can. Minor Rek'Sai I haven't had much experience with this matchup. Will be updated when additional games vs Reksai as Graves are played.

Playing the role of the Jungler Invest your time in the easy lanes; your efforts will be more consistent elsewhere. It is still feasible to gank if you have many or all reds, but you will require optimum circumstances. This includes when an enemy champion is summoned. Having an adversary with less than 30% health Cooldown for Ultimate and/or Summoner spells The wave is pushed up a long distance. Playing versus the Jungler as a red laner Play as aggressively as you like to attract the Junglers' attention as long as you ward. When they come, attempt to squander as much of their time as possible. As long as you don't push up without Flash or while you're low on health, you should be OK.

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