Scariest Youtube Videos Reddit

My next-door neighbor is a killer. I shared a house with a killer. Faye Swetlik was six years old when she was taken from her front yard. The story was all over the news. My townhome complex was surrounded by television crews, police, and even the FBI. My fiancée and I had three meetings with the FBI. They went through our house and everything. My fiancée FaceTimed me as the officers were going through the garbage cans just in front of my condo. They took her footwear and a bloodied knife. Then they discovered her corpse, which had been thrown around 300 feet from my home. He had observed them while they sought the murder weapon. Dumbass threw it in the garbage with his other mail. He stepped out onto his back porch and cleared his throat. It's insane. I had several talks with him. I had no idea he was a psycho. All of this occurred a year ago. SCRhyperior

Trail cameras are a popular CCTV device that hunters use to locate possible prey in woods around their houses. When a buddy of Reddit user CGrazia examined his trail video, he saw something much more distressing than a renegade deer. The photographs are black and white, yet the first one clearly displays the woodland. The surrounding trees are well focused. However, something else in the view is more difficult to discern: what looks to be a person strolling through the trees. Whatever it is is hazy, as though in motion. It seems to have its back to the camera, thus no face features can be seen. All we know is that it looks to be a guy wandering about with his hands in his pockets.

This is the spot to talk about egotistical TV/YouTube personalities and celebrities that drive you insane. Strange News is also welcome here. We're about as out there as you can get. What we are is a platform where we can air our grievances about today's reality TV freak show stars and just plain sick folks who are absolute freakshows on their own and should be sent to the wasteland forever.

The camera records the beast as it emerges from the darkness the next night. Only this time, it seems to be unable to enter the home. Jennifer's cries startle the detectives, and CCTV from her chamber indicates that the beast has started to burst through the floorboards. Fortunately, the couple is able to save her before the beast drags her away. All three flee the home for the safety of the investigator's vehicle, where the video abruptly stops.

Scariest Youtube Video Reddit

Creepy Youtube Videos Reddit

It's party time! My great aunt awoke in the middle of the night after hearing her dog make low growls. She was unmarried and lived alone in her ranch-style house at the time. She went out to her living room to look around. She didn't see or hear anything out of the norm, so she double-checked that her front door and windows were closed. The door was locked, and the first window she investigated was also locked. When she opened the mini blind on the second window, it was wide open, and a man wearing a ski mask stood there. He chuckled this nasty laugh and shouted, "Party time," before climbing in. When she yelled that she had a gun, her dog began barking. The would-be rapist made the decision to flee. After that, my aunt bought a gun and learned how to use it. belai437

Creepiest Youtube Videos Reddit

Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old student, embarked on a murdering spree two years ago. He murdered seven people, including himself. He released this video on YouTube just before the spree. In it, he explains what he intends to accomplish and why. It provides insight into the mentality of a spree murderer only hours before the crime. CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO ON THIS:

Police came on the site later, but they were unable to find Murray. They found cosmetics and jewelry inside the car, as well as driving instructions to Vermont. Her debit and credit cards were vanished, as had her mobile phone. Murray had been behaving oddly before to her abduction. She had damaged her father's vehicle, been spotted weeping at work, and contacted her boss and university lecturers to inform them she was taking a week off to cope with a non-existent family emergency.

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