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In Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, Koharu [Honda Koharu] (who may be called differently by the user) is the Single Player mode follower. Koharu is an overall nice person who is polite, considerate, and thoughtful. As the game proceeds, she transforms from a timid, fearful, and unsure character to a more confident warrior and even more confident friend. She prioritizes others and listens to others' issues without hesitation. Koharu loves and cares for the Player, but will not hesitate to scold him or her if they fall out of line or say anything inappropriate. She has a sharp sense of humour and a strong empathy for other players, NPCs, and even animals and monsters.

Partners are also people.

As you move through the tale of the game, you will meet and befriend a character who will become your companion on all of your excursions. Her default name is Koharu, but you may change her anything you like. Your companion assists you in battle, striking anyone you are targeting and joining in when you use the Switch ability, in addition to fulfilling a narrative role.

Keep in mind that these images are classified based on their initial star level rather than what they can be improved to. Leafa Axe Master, for example, is still labeled as a 4 star talent after being raised to a 5 star ability. To see the specifics of a skill record, click on its name under the image (damage, cost, skills etc.). To see the image in greater definition, click on it.

Hello everyone.

I'm aware that some users are attempting to play SAO IF but are unable to do so due to an error message that appears while attempting to load the game. I've played through approximately 5 minutes of the game (my phone's battery died) and thought I'd share how to do it. This will not be the greatest or quickest connection for gaming, but it will suffice.

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