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Where is Intel heading now that Jim, Murthy, and Daaman are gone? What are they doing!? Two senior executives leaving on the same day sounds like firings, not resignations. Thoughts? Murthy has obviously been dismissed. "As a consequence of these (organizational) changes, Murthy... will quit Intel," Bob says.

Learning by machine

C. A. Murthy devotes a significant portion of his time to research in the areas of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, algorithms, genetic algorithms, and computer vision. His artificial intelligence research focuses on topics such as computational complexity theory, generalization, hyperplanes, and data mining. His work in computational complexity theory connects with areas such as similarity measure, population-based incremental learning, computation, and feature selection.

If your employment terminates after the first installment of your hiring bonus has been paid but before the three-month anniversary of the New Hire Grant Date, Intel will pay you $13,500,000. If your employment terminates after the three-month anniversary of the New Hire Grant Date but before the six-month anniversary, Intel will pay you $12,825,000.

Accenture Plc's board of directors includes Venkata S. Murthy Renduchintala.

Previously, he was Chief Engineering Officer at Intel Corp., Vice President for Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Vice President-Engineering at Koninklijke Philips NV and Vice President-Engineering at Philips Electronics North America Corp. (a subsidiary of Koninklijke Philips NV), Co-President-Mobile & Computing Products at QUALCOMM, Inc., Co-President of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies, Executive Vice President at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and E

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