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In the 1970s, the Missouri native was known as Bachelor Jeff Christie on small-town radio stations. In the early 1980s, he started using his own name on the radio when hosting in Kansas City, and in 1984, he took over for firebrand Morton Downey Jr. at Sacramento's KFBK. Four years later, he got a program in national syndication, aided by the FCC's 1987 removal of the Fairness Doctrine, which compelled stations to provide opposing viewpoints on critical matters free airtime. That Reagan-era ruling allowed Limbaugh and other conservatives to dominate the airways with talk radio that slammed Democrats and leftist causes. Limbaugh presented a syndicated half-hour TV program created by late Fox News founder Roger Ailes from 1992 until 1996.

During Trump's second impeachment, Limbaugh accused Democrats of spreading a "abject fiction" about Trump's role in the insurgency in order to prevent him from running for office again. Democrats, according to Limbaugh, were "deadly frightened" Trump would maintain his control over the Republican Party and so wanted to "block" him "from having a public existence." Trump contacted Fox News on Wednesday to comment on Limbaugh's death.

BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh's wife Kathryn says on his radio broadcast that he died this morning as a result of lung cancer complications. "Rush will be remembered as the greatest of all time." The Daily Caller (@TheDailyCaller) 17 February 2021 Rush Limbaugh's wife took the stage on the Rush Limbaugh Show to announce her husband's death on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. She referred to him as "the greatest of all time" in her statement.

Then there's video of alleged drag queen strippers being offered money by children. Given the size of the nation, it shouldn't be difficult for them to discover a few context-free films of a kid putting a fiver into some performer's false cleavage. So creeps like Rufo combine these things to create a narrative in which impressionable children are being exposed to inappropriate behavior without their parents' consent, and work to get ahead of "this is just Mrs Doubtfire" by having the most shocking ten-second clips and insisting they are equally opposed to taking your toddler to Hooters. When the sex offenders they find are also members of drag shows or school professors, they may produce this pearl clutching concept of sex creeps attempting to mainstream degenerate conduct in order to groom and abuse youngsters.

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