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PRODUCT DETAILS Reliefband (version 1.5) Price $76.94 for 2016 Type Electric band for motion sickness alleviation My tolerance levels for PlayStation VR games have prevented me from fully enjoying some of the virtual platform's more highly praised experiences. Titles that involve a lot of effort from the player may be hit or miss for me; Sparcs' virtual racquetball-style action was OK, but attempting to move and shoot in the zombie-ridden Arizona Sunshine caused terrible headaches that I still get whenever I think about trying it again. I was open to more experimental options to treat my illness since I did not want to be tied to the likes of Dramamine pills to suffer through an awful VR experience. That's when my editor, Alessio, proposed a different solution to address my VR concerns: the Reliefband.

Purchase it now!!! Twisted roads are my biggest nightmare. This is the part when my hubby says it works. He used to attempt to drive without tilting the vehicle, but now he simply drives normal...and if he drove like that previously, I'd feel ill after about 5 turns. I've also used it on a boat, albeit not in severe waves. I've experienced motion sickness since I was a child, it became worse as I got older, and I haven't been ill since I began wearing the band...does it work or is it the power of suggestion...whatever it is, it works for me. This band is also used for morning sickness during pregnancy, chemotherapy, and by pilots and astronauts, therefore it must be true. It is expected to

While persons suffering from motion or travel sickness have various treatment choices, many of which are ineffective, pregnant women are cautioned against taking too many drugs while pregnant. As a result, most women suffering with morning sickness are forced to rely on age-old remedies, such as sipping tea and nibbling on ginger candies. These solutions, however, do not guarantee relief. Pregnant ladies suffering from morning sickness may use the Reliefband without fear of harming their kid since it is fully safe and drug-free. The Reliefband, which uses highly researched ways to target the brain, may provide relief to even the most horrible nausea, enabling its users to go back to their lives swiftly. Most significantly, the Reliefband works, so users do not need to use medicines to receive relief.

I'm just writing this since I couldn't discover many folks who had truly TRYED the reliefband as a motion sickness treatment. When I Googled'reliefband,' I found a lot of people dismissing it as a fraud or placebo without having tried it. The fact that the FDA approved this as a legitimate medical gadget to ease chemo-related nausea piqued my interest. In fact, you may use your FSA or HSA funds to purchase this. Bottom line: it works for me; however, more on that later.

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