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Their vaccines, which both rely on messenger RNA (mRNA) to code for a viral surface protein, present yet another challenge for many countries: they must be transported at subzero temperatures. The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, on the other hand, contains a harmless adenovirus engineered to transport the DNA for that same viral gene into the body, whereas the Sinopharm vaccine contains a chemically inactivated version of the entire virus. Both require only standard refrigeration. Thousands of Chinese citizens have already received a Sinopharm vaccine under an emergency use authorization, including front-line health care workers, teachers, and public transportation workers. The vaccine has also been approved for emergency use in the UAE and Bahrain.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Scientists Discover a Possible Cause of Charon's Red Cap Scientists combined data from NASA's New Horizons mission with novel laboratory experiments and exospheric modeling to determine the likely composition and formation of the red cap on Pluto's moon Charon. This first-ever description of Charon's dynamic methane atmosphere, based on new experimental data, offers an intriguing glimpse into the origins of the moon's red spot, as described in... TOPICS RELATED TO Pluto

According to a new study, having a portable air cleaner in the home can reduce the negative effects of air pollution on children's brain development. Scientists are researching the advantages of using air... A full DNA analysis of mites found in all humans' hair follicles reveals explanations for their strange mating habits, body features, and evolutionary future. Inbreeding and isolation indicate...

This week, amateur investors, a growing market force, flexed their collective trading muscles, sending seemingly unremarkable company stocks to new highs. Through social media forums such as Reddit WallStreetBets, investors have encouraged one another to purchase stock and options in companies such as videogame retailer GameStop, movie theater company AMC Entertainment Holdings, and others.

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