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Regular Car Reviews, abbreviated to 'RCR,' is an automotive channel that primarily reviews cars - but not exclusively - in videos with a satirical, occasionally-dirty twist, as well as the occasional turn to deep literary theory. Mr. Regular founded the channel in 2012 out of frustration with poor-quality and unscripted car review videos, and it is now a registered company with The Roman working alongside. The reviews and other such videos have proven to be a hit with the YouTube community, with the channel amassing nearly thirty seasons, nearly a million subscribers, and a grand total of over 250 million views across the entire channel. In January 2021, a second channel titled Regular and Roman was launched, with the intention of becoming the channel's new home for the RCR Podcast, RCR Stories, and other videos. [1]

- The new second channel, which was created as a new home for the, as well as short videos about the channel's cars and other miscellaneous videos. Regular Car Reviews Episode Guide - A season-by-season guide to each episode of Regular Car Reviews. Mr. Regular - The 'face' and 'voice' of Regular Car Reviews, with a vast knowledge of automobiles and occasional forays into toilet humour and literary theory.

According to emergency responders, firefighters had to use 40 times more water to put out a Tesla electric vehicle (EV) fire in Austin than they would normally use to put out a fire in a mainstream gas-powered car.

According to the firefighters, they struggled to contain the blaze on Thursday due to the lithium battery cells that power the Tesla Model X, which can lead to fires breaking out hours after a crash.

Ranger has a worldwide industry first in terms of safety protection. When a child safety seat is installed in the truck, an optional passenger side airbag can be deactivated with the flip of a switch. In addition, the Ranger is the only small truck with a five-speed automatic transmission. Ford claims that the five-speed automatic allows the capable Ranger to perform better in terms of acceleration, trailering, and hill climbing. When Dodge introduced the outstanding Dakota in 1997, Ford's death grip on the small truck segment was broken. In retaliation, Ford gave the 1998 Ranger an unnecessary facelift, which we believe makes the truck less appealing than before. A longer wheelbase, a larger base engine, new suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, and a four-door model were all part of the facelift. An electric model was also introduced in 1998. The electric Ranger, which is primarily marketed to fleets, has a top speed of 75 mph and a payload capacity of 700 pounds.

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