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Closed Alpha is now available; an active membership is required. It's just 9.99 to test it out, and if you're searching for that old school ultima experience, this current build is definitely up your alley. To be honest, this should have been the game's direction. It's a considerably better starting point than the original Legends of Aria. If you're still searching for the game you're looking for on Reddit, I think it's here and on its way. If you don't trust me, try it for yourself.

When there was communication in MMOs and you couldn't simply pull the whole area and DPS everything down, I actually appreciated it. There was a need for planning and crowd management. I haven't seen this in any current or popular MMOs, but it seems like LoA may bring it back. Let us hope it does well when it is released on Steam.

So, who exactly is the new owner of Blue Monster Games? It appears to be a blockchain gaming studio that creates Realms of Ethernity, an NFT game you've never heard of that the company describes as an MMO metaverse game where players can buy plots of land, boats, mounts, and all kinds of other equipment needed for survival [] in a dangerous and lawless environment where players always risk losing their prized possessions, all powered by a crypto token because, of course, it is. There's also something about the metaverse. Realms of Ethernity isn't just another metaverse game; it's going to be the metaverse that eats the gaming world, according to Blue Monsters' creator. Citadel Studios is the first step in realizing that ambition. We'll add metaverse aspects to their current games, which will then be fully integrated into the Realms of Ethernity metaverse! In the future months, expect to see many more of these kind of purchases from us.

Citadel Studios will release Aria 2.0, a new standalone project in the Aria world that combines the capabilities of Shards Engine 2 with The Forges promise of creating a fresh and fully community driven sandbox experience, according to the company.

Citadel said that Aria 2.0 development would be measured in months rather than years, with community playtests beginning shortly. It also said that it would continue to support the original Legends of Aria while developing this new version.

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