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The H1Z1 franchise's history might be difficult to understand. The original game, simply titled H1Z1, was created by Sony Online Entertainment and released in January 2015 under Steam's Early Access program. It had two different modes. The initial mode of H1Z1 was a persistent online survival game in the style of DayZ. It has a huge open map with zombies on it. Small groups of players battled across vast distances for finite resources.

As promised, Enad Global 7 has provided a community update addressing the future of games under Daybreak, something many people have been asking for over the previous six years, and it seems that it required a buyout to obtain.

EG7's Robin Flodin has issued a community message as well as a video detailing the company's plans for the substudio, which MMO gamers will be interested in. Flodin stresses Daybreak's major accomplishments, focusing on EverQuest, DCUO, and DDO in particular, claiming EG7 intends to maintain this amazing history for many more years to come.

Reintroduce Just Survive!

Daybreak Game Company developed and released Just Survive, a survival massively multiplayer online game for Microsoft Windows. The game, initially known as H1Z1 and then as H1Z1: Just Survive, is set in a rural part of the United States amid a zombie apocalypse. Through interaction, foraging for supplies, constructing shelters, and crafting, players seek to live against natural elements like as wolves and bears, hordes of undead, and hundreds of possibly hostile survivors. The game went into early access in January 2015 and quickly sold over a million downloads before being cancelled in October 2018.

Just Survive will always be one of my favorite games. I'd want to get it back, but the developers/publishers don't deserve us in that sense. And we don't deserve to be pulled about and have their coffers lined only on the basis of our nostalgia. As much as another firm purchasing the rights and bringing it back would be awesome, they do not deserve to be compensated for what they did to the people who loved their game. It's an infinite cycle with no positive result no matter how it's spun. Just Survive, I love you, but for better or worse, you're in the right place today. RIP.

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