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Black Mirror is one of Netflix's most original and creative shows. Each season has its advantages, but some are unquestionably superior to others. Charlie Brooker's anthology show, Black Mirror, has transformed and evolved over its run, much like the technology it features. The show premiered on British Channel Four before being picked up by Netflix, and the rest is history.

Ben Sherlock's March 29th, 2020 update: Black Mirror is still one of Netflix's most popular shows. Following its acquisition of the show from its British home, Channel 4, Netflix has doubled the number of episodes per season (with the exception of the fifth and most recent season) and released three new seasons, as well as Bandersnatch, an interactive choose-your-own-adventure special. While Black Mirror fans wait for new episodes, we've added a couple more entries to this list to binge-watch in the meantime. THE DAY'S SCREENRANT VIDEO

This episode will have you gripping the sides of your chair and binging on Halloween candy while you wait to see what happens next. Robotic guard dogs have turned against humans, as is a common theme in the horror genre. Only a few people survive in an apocalyptic world, and they must spend their days avoiding these killer dogs. Watch as the dogs fire trackers at humans in order to track them down, dig their robotic arms into flesh, and simply recharge themselves if they run out of power or become injured. There is no way out, only constant panic.

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