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Water Uniform is distinguished by two distinct designs for the primary male and female character models.


Every city with a shop has a spot where you may change your character's look in ways other than clothing. There is usually a salon adjacent to the store where you may change the length and color of your hair. These are Very Short, Short, Medium, Long, and a variety of different styles unlocked during the game. You may also modify the color as you see fit. For female characters, you may also get simply the front cut, which costs 500. Male Haircuts Short Hairstyle Man Bun Caesar Cut Medium and Wavy Braids Side Part Undercut Bowl Cut Long Hair

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To support their argument, Gamingwithbrendan brought out a number of features that Galarian Rapidash shares with Glastrier and Spectrier. Rapidash has a comparable horn and sharp ears, while Spectrier has similarly long hair. The style is a touch odd, but the position on the hooves makes it appear all

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