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For example, being able to begin in any of the two zones, discovering various alternate pathways, and obtaining hidden goods makes you want to play again and over again. Crystal Clear is unique in that you may personalize the music and come across themes you've never seen or heard before.

Not only that, but Crystal Clear has its own Patreon account, which means ShockSlayer is being paid money he does not deserve.

Overall, this pitiful and unpleasant conduct may eventually lead to the demise of Gen. 2 ROM Hacking as we know it. That conclusion should NOT be permitted under ANY circumstances. Please, before recommending Crystal Clear to anybody else, consider if sharing the word about it is the best option.

At this point, even fans are helping to update Crystal Clear. The most recent update gave players the chance to submit their own sprites to map onto the main character, a personalization feature that the mainstream series has yet to provide. It's been a thrill seeing all the many variations, says ShockSlayer. There are some really excellent artists out there, and I'm delighted they can see their work in the game. It's great to have created a community where individuals truly want to help one other succeed. There have been some amusing snags along the road. ShockSlayer's initial coworker on Crystal Clear, for example, paid him a visit early in production. Shockslayer recalls, "One of the things we did was work on the game together, and he wanted to develop a ferry service to let the player move across areas of water without having to surf." This, like the removal of cut trees, was done to aid with HM-less open-world navigation.

This glitch is rather difficult to do, and I will explain how I learnt to accomplish it. Simply place your Typhlosion in any box. Then switch the box it's in. When you change boxes, it will prompt you to save. When it reads "save, don't turn off the power," click yes. When you see the period at the end of the sentence, click the bottom screen. Then, at the bottom, click "reset," and that should do it. It takes time and patience, so keep at it.

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