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VanZant then shifted her gaze to the ocean, her back to the lens. Slow motion was used to the film, and the flyweight's fit derrire trembled as she stiffened her legs in preparation for the leap. She knelt and thrust her arms out, launching herself into the air and stretching her legs for the splits. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model maintained the stance, giving viewers a glimpse of her booty and sculpted legs. The video ended with VanZant plunging into the water in slow motion and popping her head out at the end. She included a humorous quip about her "buns" in the description, as well as a sun, peace symbol, and palm tree emoji.

She described the intensity she first felt from the AEW crowd and the advantage she believes wrestling fans have over MMA fans in an interview with MMAFightingonSBN. "The first moment we showed up to the arena, I could feel the energy from the fans, just how amazing the fans of pro wrestling are," she said. They're completely engrossed in it. And I felt it was the best thing ever to be in front of so much energy, so many enthusiastic individuals.

"I've seen and heard amazing things about BKFC, and I'm extremely thrilled to be a part of the team; can't wait to announce the opponent!" BKFC president Dave Feldman said, "We always seek for fighters that can move the needle and fight, and that is exactly what Rachael brings to the table."

I didn't want to put myself in a position where I would lose business opportunities because of having an exclusive content site, but I feel like I'm already seen as a sex symbol in the sports world, so I might as well have the monetization behind it. I wanted to do it on my own terms, so I joined Fan Time, which is a separate company.

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