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INFO ON THE GAME Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics 13th of September, 2016 Platform PlayStation 4 ($14.99), PlayStation Vita ($14.99), and PC Spike Chunsoft Publisher Spike Chunsoft Developer Spike Chunsoft When the idea of a one-directional RPG was first proposed, I worried that the game would be too one-dimensional. Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics has a surprising amount of depth for a title with such a simple premise. The procedural rogue-like nature of the Mystery Dungeon series is brilliantly combined with a world that is being destroyed with each step. Combining Half-Minute Hero and a rogue-like is no easy task, but it works surprisingly well in Mystery Chronicles' favor.

The player's face has an effect. When you are hit from behind, you take more damage. Every piece of equipment has a lifespan. It's the item with the number [] in your inventory. If it reaches zero, the equipment will vanish! Keep an eye out for that, or your weapon will vanish in the middle of a battle. There appears to be no way to increase the durability (you can slow down its decreasing). This is completely intentional (will explain later).

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