Mrs Hippopotamus Relient K

#23 Taxes and Life After Death (Mmhmm, 2004) One of Relient K's few protest songs succeeds in part because it has so little to do with politics, aside from the great line: The nucleus of politics / is somebody started it. The rest of the song combines a fantastic melody with some of Mmhmm's best lyrics about being worn down by your surroundings.

When Dumbledore announces Hagrid as Hogwarts' new Care of Magical Creatures teacher, there is some trepidation following the initial excitement. And it's easy to see why when you consider some of the creatures Hagrid has previously introduced (Norbert the dragon, Fluffy the three-headed dog, Aragog the monstrously gigantic spider). So it's a relief when Hagrid arrives at his first class with a herd of beautiful, regal Hippogriffs. They may appear strange, but at least they aren't breathing fire or attempting to eat people. That is not to say you should underestimate a Hippogriff; on the contrary. Draco Malfoy could have avoided the injury he so enjoyed milking if he had listened to Hagrid or read our guide below.

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