Madison Beer Leaked Reddit

On International Women's Day, Sunday, singer Madison Beer decided to talk honestly about a problem she had been avoiding for a long time. According to E! Online, the 21-year-old turned to Twitter to discuss her firsthand experience with leaked nudes, an event that happened while she was young and whose photographs just appeared again. Beer chose to address the subject not to divert attention away from the world's other pressing issues, but to express her feelings about demeaning women.

'I shared really intimate [Snapchat films] of my body to a guy I really adored at the time when I was approximately 14 and discovering my body and sexuality,' the Unbreakable artist said. 'I sent them at 14, believing I could trust the lad since we'd known each other for years and have affections for each other, but of course he shared it with all his buddies,' she says. She said that after Snapchat video became public, they were viewed by her parents, grandparents, other musicians, and business officials.

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